We have really been into the garden scene lately because spring is coming and it just makes us feel so good to think of all the nifty things that we can make for our outdoor decor. We always try to recommend things around the home for any craft or diy project that we are bringing to you. This one is old bed springs and its not an item that you are likely to have in abundance.

When you do end up with one that is no longer suitable for sleeping on, it can be a real nuisance to get rid of. So keep these few projects in mind for when you are ready to recycle that old mattress holder and you won’t have the hassle of discarding it.


source: backyardnotes

You may want to paint this with a tremclad paint to prevent it from rusting. The color probably won’t matter much because eventually it will get filled in with your climb flowers. Fencing can be really expensive and if you want to save some money and you had enough of these old springs, you could make some excellent panels from then just as you see in the photo. Having the posts at both ends is going to protect you from the cut ends of the spring if you were going to cut it down to size.

Bottle project:






image source: samouczek.info   


This looks like it has been designed for the outdoors, but let your imagination run  a little free here. A collection of these on a wall indoors would make for a wonderful solution of storing your wine bottles. If you want to soften the rustic look you could change the board backing to something more sleek and modern. Or you could even paint it with a pattern.



Image source: architecturaldesigns.com

You may want to pretty this piece of the frame up a bit with a coat of paint. This is an ideal holder when you are making ice cream cones for a bunch at at family gathering. Make sure to use paper liners as well though.



Image source: junkologie  http://www.junkologie.com/2011_08_01_archive.html


I personally love the rustic look but not the rusty look. This painted in a nice sleek black makes a perfect cutlery holder for the backyard setting.


Image source: the sassy gal

Okay so in this image you see how the bed springs were just suspended from the ceiling on a outdoor patio. We’re going to give you a suggestion for stepping this up a notch and turning it in a beautiful lighting arrangement.

In the following video you are going to see a young lady who is very innovative. All she did was go to the dollar store and picked up some strings of fake flowers. Then she used a set on mini Christmas lights to replace the center of the flowers. If you were to take several strings of these flower lights and weave them through the suspended bed springs you would have an absolutely stunning outdoor lighting decoration that would be sure to wow anyone that sees it.




So we have got you thinking about what to do with those old bed springs instead of wracking your brain as to how you are going to get it to the dump. Be sure and share some of your images here when you have created some bedspring art.


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