I am sat here in my office, its dull wet and miserable outside and feeling the need for some motivation.  Behind me on the sofa are 3 of my dogs happy and content to be part of my life and each others.  I find myself getting distracted as I hear the gentle breathing of my dogs, I turn around and just look at them.  I immediately find myself smiling.  I instinctively reach down to them and stroke them and I am instantly rewarded with inner peace and a deep feeling of love. It got me thinking about some of the amazing charities around the World that use Pets as therapy.  These amazing animals visit old folk, and sick people and Children. To witness the effect that simply stroking these wonderful pets has on people, is  a humbling experience.


pets as therapy

Just knowing my dogs are there is the most inspiring feeling in the World.


My favorite quote ” Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” Anatole France

Lets have a look at some evidence.  The largest charity in the USA is packed with information and the documented proof of the benefits of human interaction with our four legged friends…

“In an age of research when it is tempting to reduce human emotions to biochemical reactions and to rely heavily on the technology of medicine, it is refreshing to find that a person’s health may be improved prescribing contact with other living things. Members of the health and allied professions must continue to combine resources, work together in the spirit of cooperation, and never forget to ‘cure when possible but comfort always.’”

Michael J. McCulloch, MD (1981)

pets therapy

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As research findings began accumulating which reflected that having an animal in one’s life helped reduce blood pressure, lower stress and anxiety levels, and stimulate the release of endorphins which make people feel good, the members of Delta Society knew it was time to put their now proven theories into every day application. 

In 1981, Bill McCulloch, DVM helped initiate the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) Human-Animal Bond Task Force to review the profession’s role in recognizing and promoting the human-animal bond. This AVMA Committee continues to this day.

Delta Society leaders were also instrumental in helping with the passage of the Housing and Urban Rural Recovery Act of 1983, via their testimony in Washington DC. With this passage, the federal government sent a strong public signal that it recognizes the therapeutic value of pets in American’s lives.  Continue reading…

Are we missing an important lesson here?  Many of us have pets, and many of these pets are taken for granted.  We don’t hone in enough to the relaxing, sedative effect that we can feel just by spending some valuable time stroking and talking to our pets.  Remember too that they feel the benefits of this human/animal interaction just as much. The following video moved me to tears…just beautiful…


If you have elderly family members that need a bit of a lift, or a sick relative or child,  there is scientific proof that pets as therapy will help their health.  Next time you feel a little down go to your pet, there is a magic that is to this day unexplained

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