Keeping up a home is no easy task when it comes to money or time. Our floors seem to be the first thing that shows the wear and tear on our homes, and no wonder with the constant beating they take. The easy solution in the past has been to cover a unattractive floor with carpeting. That isn’t cheap anymore and the upkeep for carpeted floors means constant vacuuming and rug cleaning. Not to mention the bacteria that gets trapped in the carpets.

So here goes with some exciting ideas of what you can do to make a old floor look new again, or to simply change the entire look of a room.


In the image this is a classic white Nordic floor look. It can make a beautiful lift to any room. If you currently have hardwood floors that are disaster then the white Nordic look may be just what you are looking for. However, you are not just going to grab a gallon of white paint and go to. For the ultimate look and for getting it right you will want to follow these directions that we found at That Nordic Feeling


“Here you go lovelies, as promised my step by step guide to stain your hardwood floors with white oil and create that Nordic feeling in your home.

Before we start I must warn you, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but once done they are very easy to keep. I first did this to the floors of my old home four years ago. Before that they were stained with white soap, which looks kind of similar, but takes a lot of effort to keep in my experience.

OK, let’s take a deep breath and remind ourselves of the look we are going for.

What your need:

1 // sander (you can do without this one if you don’t have one)
2 // pads for the sander
3 // pad for the doodle bug (that I forgot to include in this photo – see photo 7)
4 // paint brush – the bigger the better! (get a good quality one otherwise the hairs will fall out and get stuck in the oil)
5 // floor oil – comes in neutral and (extra) white. I used this one in extra white
6 // turpentine – to clean the tools with
7 // wood cleaner/stripper
8 // scrubbing-brush
9 // special cloths for polishing

Also a few thick regular floor cloths and rubber gloves – unless you want your hands to get that Nordic look too!” Please visit That Nordic Feeling for the full instructions.





If you are on a budget and you simply do not want to invest in a new flooring, even faux hardwood or laminate, then this next project will be for you. That is of course if you are willing to put time in instead of money. Now the one thing you will need to have under that old floor or carpet you are ripping up is a plywood underlay. Which in most cases there is.

Now before you go tearing up the existing floor covering be sure to check out the following instructions that the came across at TypePad. This is one savvy lady that knows how to save money and be impressive while she is doing it.


…”Here’s the situation. I ripped out my old, musty carpeting. This revealed a plywood subfloor, the perfect base for laying a hardwood floor, or even installing reclaimed pine flooring, available from salvage supply places. But it’s going to cost thousands of dollars for either hardwood or the reclaimed pine, even if I install it myself. Plus I can’t decide which wood to choose, and anyway, delivery takes five to seven weeks.

So, I wisely think, why make an expensive mistake now when I can make a much more expensive one in years to come, after lumber prices have gone sky high? Let’s just blunder cheaply now, and save the really high-cost errors for later in life when I’m cresting the richly emotional foothills of peri-menopause.

That decided, I filled the plywood’s knots and seams with a fantastic floor leveler product called Poly Underlay Plus, made in Canada by the LePage people.  (If you live in the U.S., DAP makes a couple of similar products called Floor Leveler (in powder form) or Flexible Floor Patch and Leveler (ready-mix).” continue reading so you can complete this amazing project yourself at TypePad.

If you are one of those ultra-modern individuals that just doesn’t want what everyone else has, then this next project is right up your alley.

The Geometric Floor


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