Okay ladies I know it doesn’t seem quite fair that the men should be getting all the attention when it comes to having a man cave, but we do need to be fair here don’t we. After all we women pretty well take over the majority of the house. However, that doesn’t mean that any of those rooms are totally dedicated to being a “woman cave”. At least if you don’t count the sewing room or the craft room. But then again the activities carried out in rooms such as this is for the good of the family right? After all they are in no way just a get away room where we can get away and put our feet up and enjoy a few bubblies with our women friends. This post is about the men though, but I promise you soon to come will be one equally as good dedicated to the “women cave”. but lets get on with the topic at hand.

As head of the household in the decor department you really do have a say as to what goes on in every room of the house, but it would be nice if you could let your man have a least a good input as to what he would want in his little part of the home domain. So we’re about to give you some nifty ideas that if you like them you can pass along to him, for his opinion. He is going to be the one responsible for the grunt work its going to take to put it together.

More often than not the man caves are in the basement, and this is sort of what has given them the name cave.

Now there are stairs that must come from the basement to the upper level. Chances are the only space available for your man’s getaway is going to be the space at the bottom of the basement stairs. If so, then here is a nifty idea for re-building those stairs at a very cheap price and it really fits in with the man’s masculinity.


image source:pinterest

You really won’t have any difficulty finding crates now that you are going to be on the lookout for them.


Now chances are your man is going to head straight to his man cave the minute he gets home from work, just so he can unwind a bit, and of course waiting for you to call out “dinners ready.” He may want to wash up a bit, so spoil him a little and let him do this right in the comfort of his personal abode. No way you can go with a traditional sink for this, but he might be all for the barrel sink.

barrel sink for man cave

Image source: Found on signaturehardware.com

If your man is handy or you know someone that is then you can easily build a whiskey barrel sink. Over at mondolake  you will get some basic instructions for building a version of one. As long as you get the basics you can adapt the instructions to conform to this style if this is exactly what you want. While there though, you are going to get some other amazing ideas for sinks as well.

The right whiskey barrel accessory.

Now if you are going to have a whiskey barrel sink then you will want the perfect accessory to go with it right? I am sure you will agree that this whiskey bottle converted to a soap dispenser will be perfect. The only drawback is that it is glass so it really will be more for looks rather than use.


Image source: Found on muaythaiii.blogspot.com

You can easily go to the dollar store and find a bottle with a dispenser that will fit your Jack Daniels bottle. Make sure it’s a pump type so people clearly understand that this is soap and not the real stuff, otherwise they will be in for a awful surprise.
Clean Up Catcher:


man cave bottle opener

Image source: diy ready

You may have started off with the intention of setting the rule that the man cave cleaning is done by the man himself. Chances are though, you are going to give in and every once in awhile at least you will give it a overhaul. Do yourself a favor, if your man or his friends happen to be bottle drinkers then insist he build this nifty opener, and hang it, plus use it!




Image source: Found on brit.co



While we are on the subject of beer. You may find this an ideal gift to give your guy as a man cave warming gift. ( you know just like you give house warming gifts when friends move into a new house.)


So we have given you a few interesting ideas of what you can add to a man cave to make it unique, but lets look at a before and after example of a man cave.


This is a project that is totally followed through from this to the following one found at sliptalk.com



Now when you look at this transformation it is almost unbelievable, and in any event you may have thought that it cost an absolute fortune to achieve this. Well it actually cost him $107. and the use of some pallets.

So it just goes to show you that with some real planning and scrounging around for discarded materials that you turn something so unappealing as depicted in the picture above to something as beautiful as this.

Yes, it does take a lot more man labor when you are using recycled materials, but if money is important to you then its worth the time it takes. Besides imagine the enormous pleasure that comes with a transformation such as this that was done for such a small amount of money.


Here at diyeducator we’re all about saving you money.

Chances are you have heard the rippling of what can be done with wood pallets and how they are the hot trending recycle item at the moment. If you haven’t quite caught onto them as yet, then be sure to check out some of these other related posts.



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