Well we paid great tribute to the men by giving you ladies some great ideas for man caves, but we also promised to dedicate one to you as women caves. Let’s make it sound a little more appealing though and call it DIY Ladies Get Aways.

We did mention that we women pretty well take over the entire house, but that doesn’t mean that there is any prime space dedicated just to us. The majority of the home is utilized by the family. So, it’s time ladies! Just to focus on your needs.

If you happen to be the dainty lady like type and really want to go all feminine then something like this should fit into your liking.


Image source:  terrysfabrics

Now this can be classed as a real get away because it is totally outside of the home. It does mean though, that you are going to need an out building, so either you have one that can be given a face lift or you are going to need to buy one. The alternative is you could build one from scraps. So lets look at some projects that might work for you in this regard.

You may have guessed it we are going to show you how to build one out of pallets.


Here is another idea for building an outside getaway:



image source Instructables

You will also find the full instructions for building this away from the house get away at the image source.

What I have found absolutely amazing as I go about gathering exciting women’s cave information for you is the lack of it! Sure there are diva’s rooms. Mostly of which have everything crammed in them that you normally would find in the bedroom or the ensuite. So why should your women’s space have to be dedicated to your clothing shoes and makeup, unless of course this is your priority. After all the men’s caves don’t have their clothes, shoes and bathroom toiletries taking up space in their man caves.

So we ladies are just going to have to take it upon ourselves to look at some of the ideas that are supposedly for women’s getaways and using some other collected techniques, transpose them into a real diva room!


Utilize your basement space:

In the man cave article we showed an amazing example of how a small room in the basement could be transformed from nothing into a spectacular man’s cave. Now get your man to build you a room in the basement about the same size as that, and start incorporating some of these nifty ideas to turn it into a woman’s cave.

What are you going to want in your own little room? Remember this isn’t for all your toiletries. These belong in your bathroom area.

You want your ladies getaway room to have a cozy and warm atmosphere. It will likely be a great place to store all your books. We are dealing with a small room so lets look at a few book storage ideas to get things going.

book storage

Image source: bhg.com

We are getting you to take a look at this one because often the space beside the entry door gets forgotten about. Even if it is small as you can see here it can be put to good use.

slended book holder



Here is another option for spaces on the wall where nothing else would look good.

Next you are going to want to think about lighting. Two things that are important here, is that you are in the basement so you don’t want it to feel dark and like a dungeon. At the same time you want to set the tone of quiet and tranquility with your lighting.

drop lighting

image source:buzzfeed

This one is super easy. It is just a matter of painting a dark lampshade on the inside with glitter paint. This acts as a reflector, and gives a lot more light, but still keeps it cozy.


ball lighting

image source: splash of something

Now here is one that is easily adapted for indoors, and you can make several of these quickly and use them in different areas of your room.

This is a really messy project, but you are going to love your finished pieces:

“Here is what you will need:

Here’s what you need for the lanterns:
• 5 to 6 balloons, blown up to whatever size ball or lantern you want to make
• large plastic drop cloth
• scissors
• twine, hemp or cotton yarn (I used hemp because it seemed a little tougher for outdoor use, but next time I might go the white yarn route for a lighter, brighter look.)
• 4 ounces basic white glue
• ½ cup cornstarch
• 1/4 cup warm water
• petroleum jelly
• clear, fast-drying spray paint
• lantern lights or white twinkle lights (I like the twinkle lights because they have that twinkly, magical look, but lantern lights would be nifty, too.)”

Full the full instructions on how to make these please visit: Splash of Something

When it comes to your furniture then you can have a ball finding exactly what you are looking for at garage or thrift stores. Or check out some of other posts in the future for building your own.

Now there is one more thing that you will probably really want and that is a fireplace. While it may not be safe or practical to have a real one. There are lots of ideas for simple to do faux fireplaces.

faux fireplace

Image source: Ana White

Just click on the image source and you will get all the instructions you need to make this



Okay ladies you should be ready to take up your rightful and private space in your abode so do please let us know how you do. We would love to see some pictures.

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