Lighting isn’t always meant to provide the means for you to be able to see things clearly. Sometimes it’s purpose is to create a mood, or ambiance to your setting. So this is what we are going to focus on and have some fun with it. We’re going to take a look at a few different project and ideas. Then you can take these and expand upon them with your own do it yourself touch.

Recycling and saving money  Really is the Name of the Craft so lets look at a whole selection of lighting that can be made either with recycled materials or dollar store buys:


Image source: pinterest

Beautiful isn’t it? You can do this with almost any type of container because it’s actually done with glow in the dark paint. You can pick up used terra cotta pots or light globes from yard sales. You may even have a few around your home that you have long since replaced with more modern day lighting. In any event all you are going to do is paint the pots with a good glow in the dark paint. Then you just set your little larger than the opening flower pots into the openings.

For good quality glow in the dark paint you can check out the Rust Oleum Glow in the Dark paint found at Home Depot, or at your local craft shop.


Wine Lights:

social wine lights


Image source: Popsugar

What a wonderful way to put wine glasses and tea candles to work for a evening garden party.



NOTHING SETS THE MOOD LIKE CANDLELIGHT, especially candlelight glowing through translucent paper. Inexpensive wine glasses become fancy candle lamps when topped with vellum shades. Use them as dramatic lighting at each place setting on the head table. Or put one on a mirror in the center of each guest table with a sprinkling of foil-wrapped candies. White, off-white or pastel colors will allow the most light to shine through the shades go to save on crafts for the full instructions.


cotton candy lights


These cotton candy lights are so absolutely delightful, that they even look fantastic in the day time.  Full instructions are provided by Pippa


When looking at lighting for your backyard you want to have two views about it. Are you looking at just some innovative and fun lighting. If you are just going for the one night then you can have loads of fun using any type of medium. You can take paper party hats and turn then into a party string light. Or you can take paper cup holders and use these for your light base.

If you are hoping to use your DIY lighting system for through the summer season, then you are going to want to give the construction of it a whole lot more thought. You want to make sure the strings are protected from the elements of rain and hot sun. You want to make sure the holders are also going to hold up to the weather. You also want to have a strategic plan for your DIY lighting system.

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