Who would have thought that there are just tons and tons of things that you can do with old tires of all sizes. Now instead of wondering how you are going to get rid of them, you are going to be on the hunt for them. This is a lot of fun, but even better is the recycling that you are doing with them. Word of caution though, this is one of those recycled craft ideas that can soon become obsessive. So if you’re ready let’s get at it. We won’t get upset if you leave before the end, but we couldn’t help it, we just kept going with this one because we were just so impressed.


Lets start with the outdoor uses:

Now this truly is sculpture at its best.


image source:pinterest

There are no instructions  for this but if you look closely you will have a good idea of how it is done.  To practice, rummage through the kids toy box and find one of their old trucks that has the big wheels. Use these to practice with and make a miniature version. If you don’t want to get yourself into big trouble with the kids, then may be you had just better find some of these monster wheel trucks at a garage sale.

Just imagine how pretty a flower pot would be in the center of these.

You want to make sure that you use a good paint that will stick to rubber and will hold up to outdoor use as well. You can ask the people at your local hardware or paint store as to what they would suggest. Some people have just used a good outdoor paint then gave it several protective coats with urethane.

If you like the planter idea, but don’t feel that you are quite that good at sculpting then here is another but much easier suggestion.

tire flower collection

Image source:pinterest

This is a really great idea if you have a patchy area of grass that just won’t take. This way you don’t have to dig the ground up and to make it even easier, just put your potted plants inside the tires. The real focal point here is the bright colors of the painted tires. Make sure if you are inserting pots that they are big enough to hold enough flowers so that they will fill out the whole circle of the tire.


Here is another idea if you are a bit short on tires, you can take the ones you have and cut them in half and use them for bordering. What a big difference they make when they are painted.

tire boarders

Image source:realfarmacy

You won’t even have to dig up the soil if you position these right. You can just top them up with soil then do your planting.


tire pots

Image source: laurieflower

How many times have you gone to the garden shop and seen those beautiful cast iron urns that cost an absolute fortune. You can really mimic the look of these just by transforming some old tires.

This looks difficult and there are no instructions for it. But if you look closely at it you will soon figure out how to do it. Remember we suggested finding some old monster toy truck tires and using these to experiment with.





We parents are almost always looking for something we can put together to entertain the kids: Who would have ever thought that we could accomplish this with some old tires.

The Perfect Tire Sandbox

sandbox tire

Image source: iheartnaptime

This is pretty self explanatory, but we will give you the list of items needs, and a link for the full instructions just so you don’t miss anything…


Supplies Needed:

–       Used tractor tire

–       Exterior paint (1 quart)

–       Reciprocating saw

–       Pool noodle (1.5 needed for a 6Õ tire)

–       Old sheet/cloth or weed guard

–       Sand

–       Plywood (cut in a circle to cover sandbox)

I started by looking in my local online classifieds. I found FREE sand from a family who was getting rid of their sandbox.

Lumber is not too expensive, but I thought a big old tractor tire would make a good sand pit. I searched the classifieds and came up short.  I thought, “There has got to be used tractor tires that people don’t want, right?!?”  After two phone calls, I found the place.  I started by calling a tractor supply place in my area and they referred me to a tire shop.  I was able to go down to their lot and have my choice of tire for FREE!  Of course my son wanted one that was taller than him lying on its side.  To avoid having to dig a pit for it, we went for a smaller 6′ tire.  I found that people are very nice and helpful when you simply ask for their help.

For full article and instructions please visit iheartnaptime



A safe alternative for a kid’s climber:


tire climber

image source:creatingreallyawesomefreethings

In a previous post DIY Kid’s Playgrounds That Don’t Cost a Fortune we focused on some climbers for children. A lot of parents worry about their kids falling from this type of play venue. This would be an ideal alternative. One thing you want to do for sure though, is build up the mound so the kids can’t slip through the tires.


Who doesn’t Love a Water Garden

tire pond



Not only will this video give you all the directions for building a great water pond from a tire it has some great music with it.



We just couldn’t resist this one. If you have so old trees that just aren’t producing leaves anymore then why not give them new life out of some old tires.

tire trees

Image source:pinterest


garden tires


With some of the ideas we have given you here, you may also want to utilize some of the great lighting suggestions we made in our post

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If we get lots of interest in this recycled tire post we are going to bring you one all about furniture, and that will surely be full of great ideas.


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