If only this was around when I was a kid!  Newspaper nail art is great fun. This new craze looks amazing and looks just like you must have paid a professional  nail salon to get it done. With a few drops of alcohol and a newspaper, you can achieve this amazing nail art look too.  You will need some white or gray nail polish, some alcohol, a top coat and, of course, a newspaper. Just watch this simple step by step video to see how it is done.

Now you can see how easy it is you can get your creative head on and think of other publications that would be fun, comics maybe?  Take a look at this article, it shows some fabulous  newspaper nail art end results…

Here are three simple nail art designs to kick your look up a notch and get you in the Halloween spirit. Dab a few drops of blood-red polish onto a paper plate or a piece of newspaper talking this Halloween — no costume required! nail art? Start with a dry, polished nail. Dip the newspaper cutouts (you can pick your favorite romantic quotes) in rubbing alcohol and press against the nail, causing the ink to transfer. Continue reading

Wow, talk about good fun!  As you can see, this method of newspaper nail art opens up your creativity!  The infographic below is superb at showing you step by step how to

#1 Newspaper Nail Art

The newspaper nail art looks amazing and looks like you must have gone to a nail salon to get it done however with a few drops of vodka and a newspaper you can achieve this gorgeous nail art too.

DIY: Newspaper Nails


So there you have it!  To me, newspaper nail art is a great way to look different and create a fabulous look without having to be too gifted in the artistic department!  Of course with the cut and paste method you can make your creations unique and good fun.  Not newspaper art but the link below I found on Facebook and it looks fabulous!

The tutorial for my watermarble nails! First I painted my nails white to make the colors pop. Then I used liquid latex around my nails to make the clean up afterwards easier. I used a small bowl with water and just put in the drops of nail polish till the polish didn’t spread anymore. I then tried to make some sort of design using a needle, but I’m still practicing with this technique, so I just did something random. Tutorial by @haaveedee <3

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Finally, here is a variation which is well worth looking at, if only for more inspiration.


Read the full tutorial here


Nail art truly is a lot of fun, and with all the techniques that are available now to create these one of a kind looks you really can be unique. Most often you will see nail art created on artificial nails. While this is great when you want an instant look, consider growing out your own nails and using them as the canvas for your nail creativity. It is actually less stressful on your nails than the constant wearing of artificial nails is.

Also, you can use nail art on your own nails as an aid to get your past nail biting. It has worked for lots of people.

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