DIY Really Weird But Awesome

April 13, 2015

When it comes to do it yourself the old saying “where there is a will there is a way” really does hold true. This you are about to see in some of the gatherings we have done of the weirdest but in oh so many cases absolutely awesome. It is absolutely mind boggling with what some people can come up. Now many times do it yourself projects are not always that safe. So you always want to be sure that if you are replicating anything you keep the safety factors in mind. If you decide to take on any of these projects then be forewarned you do so at your own risk.


straw van

image source:boredpanda

Anyone living in Canada will be sure to tell you it can get mighty cold.

This is a 77 Dodge Van that its owner decided to turn into a Hobbit house. The whole process is absolutely amazing, and you won’t believe how functional and efficient it ended up being.

Now straw bales are really beginning to work their way into the diy scene in more ways than one as you may have seen in our article

It is also known as being a great insulator, but not too many people would go to this extent. When the van finally broke down this is when its owner decided to turn it into a hobbit house.


Get out the Beer!beercanroofimage source:instructables

Can you believe this roof is covered in beer cans. We thought you might find it hard to believe so we want to be sure to direct you to the instructions.


Loads of uncrushed aluminum cans
Piece of 1×6 hardwood board
Two 1-foot 5/16″ metal square rods

Staple gun
Circular Saw, or Router, or Saw with Dado Blade
Tin Snips or Scissors
Drill and bits

You can find the written instructions here, or is a version done in the following youtube video


Ok lets take it a step further how about a solar pop can furnace/heater


If you are looking for a chuckle or two then this video is going to give it to you…


Hey! How About some awesome but weird musical instruments…

Now although you may not be able to understand this one…you can hear and get the jest of it…



Hard to believe this type of music can actually come from a propane tank?

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