Tough times means tough measures, and when money is tight it fits right in with this. But that’s not the only reason why one may want to build their own home. Times have changed and so have expectations. The trend is that our priorities are changing. At one time having a home built meant basically keeping up with “Joneses”, but now the key concern is what do people really really want from their living quarters? Do they want to be working like a dog to pay off a hefty mortgage? Or, do they just want to indulge in some simplified and perhaps unique living, that allows them to enjoy life.


While we could show you a ton of unique homes, some are simply not practical. In the sense that the base would be hard to come by, like a caboose for example, or an old plane. Plus, depending on where you live there are some tight building regulations as to just what you can use as living quarters. This is more so true for Canada, compared to the USA.

tiny houses

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These are just some of the ideas that people have come up.

A starting point:

Most people want to have something to start with that they can re-purpose into a home. That is what has made shipping containers such an interesting aspect. Many people start out with the same type of container and convert it into a totally different look.

shipping container house

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This video will show you just how amazing these really can be





There is no doubt that small house living is going to become the way of the future. It really does take some getting used, a completely different mind set, and being willing to part with a whole bunch of stuff!

There will be lots of decisions to be made after you make the major one to go small living. You will need to decide whether you want it be stationery or on wheels so you can be free as a bird to travel and live in comfort.

The final video we will show you focuses on the exterior of a travel mini home, but it at least gives you an idea of how impressive these really can be.



Now we did do a post, based more on camper style living but it fits right in with what we are talking about here.

You Can Do It! Build Your Own Camper!

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