Whenever you have a special occasion, or just want to have some food fun nothing is better than fruit to do it with. The summer time provides for some great outdoor food adventures. It is a time for entertaining, and this usually involves food. So here are some fantastic ideas to wow! your guests with some fruit artistry.


Lets begin with some spectacular watermelon sculpting. It is such a wonderful summer fruit: Can you imagine how impressed your guests will be when they see this fruit arrangement sitting on your table. You will really have to encourage them to dig it as they wont want to disturb it.





The Apple:

Who would believe that a simple apple could be turned into something as beautiful as this. Just imagine having a collection of these as your center piece, or being offered individual as the grand finale to one of your fine meals.  If you wanted to add some even more flare you could put out little ramekins filled with chocolate dip, or some cool whip or yogurt.







Here is one for oranges


A strawberry carved with love:





Strawberries are beautiful to begin with and so colorful, but when you can really make them stand out and draw attention, they are sure to be eaten much quicker.










This is just the beginning of what you can do when it comes to banana art and both young and old will surely be delighted with your creations.


A Grand Finale…The Edible Fruit Basket:



fruit basket







Well there you go, you have some simple starters to get you going on your first attempt at fruit sculpting. If you are concerned about the waste of the fruit you are cutting of, then make sure you put it to good use.

For example: For the bananas the discarded pieces could be used for banana muffins. And then you could set these on the same serving tray that you are displaying the banana swans on.

Or, you could use the cut off fruit in layers for a mason jar dessert to be served along with your fruit art.

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