Well it seems that old tires have really been getting a lot of attention. At least they did with our post on DIY Blow Your Mind Ideas for Old Tires. So we decided to give you more of what you are looking for. This time we are going to focus on using these old rubber throw aways for furniture! These diy recycled furniture ideas are just to get you interested  in coming up with some of your own ideas.


Coffee Table:



tire coffee table

Image source: instructables

You could adjust the size by simply choosing the size of the tire. A great feature about this particular tire version is the top lifts off for storage. For the instructions on how to build this visit instructables



tire coffee table pink

image source: women24


Here is a completely different look, just by adding a coat of paint to the tires.


tire chairs

image source:viral nova

tire chair two

image source:hometalk


So these few photos have maybe got your interest going, but you just aren’t quite into the bare tire look. If this is the case then how about something like this…


covered tire chair

image source: instructables


Yes this is made from tires: and here’s how its done…


Truck Tire- free

4 legs ( blocks of 3x3x2)- free – got this the 4 square blocks found in palletes

5 beams- 3×2″ is fine. I got some 2×6″ beams free from a relatives house when they were renovating. These lovely beams were rescued from becoming firewood our who knows what insignificant use.

Synthetic Leather – this is optional. I had some scrap sheets left over from another project. So thought to use it.

1 sheet 9mm plywood-$20

2 sheet of 2″ sponge- $20

1 sheet of 1/2″ sponge-$3

Drop Cloth- Approximately $10

8 screws and 20 1/4″ nuts and bolt.- @5

I used the drop cloth as the cover. Most people tend to use it as sofa slip covers. You can of course go for other types of fabric like synthetic leather.

Now let’s get started…. continue reading to see all the images and how to for this amazing tire chair.

Ok one more to round off your tire furniture collection:


round tire table

image source:designrulz


Be sure to check out our post on DIY Blow Your Mind Ideas for Old Tires

There are lots of things you can do with old tires. The most common use in the past was to simply throw them on the ground then pile a few flowers in them. You can see by what’s here that we have come a long, long way! Don’t forget if you are going to paint your tires, to use a good tremclad paint or speak with your paint dealer to find the most appropriate paint for your project.

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