Okay almost everyone can make cupcakes right? After all, for many of us its just a matter of opening the box, dumping in a little water and a few eggs, beat it up and there you have it. But haven’t you ever dreamed about putting one of these masterpieces before your friends and family? Well guess what! These amazing diy amazing cupcakes It is not nearly as hard as you may think, and something else….yours is going to turn out just as spectacular or maybe even better.

Let’s talk about some favorites:

mandm cupcake


How yummy looking is this? It is adorned with M & M pieces and filled with Nutella chocolate spread;  Now this is a giant cupcake but you can convert it into individual sized ones if you like. Also, you will see in the video that the cupcake casing here is edible as well. So if you don’t want to go this route then go with the paper type. You can really adapt this diy to what fits your needs.



Something a little quicker maybe? Here is another diy amazing cupcake that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

How about a cheeseburger cupcake? These are definitely going to be the next best thing to the cheeseburgers your family likes, then yet again it might even become the number one choice!




cheeseburger cupcakes

Watch the video for the full and very quick instructions. This really is fun! They would be great for a party.


For the beginners:

If you really are new to baking then some of these recipes and how to’s can be a little overwhelming. Plus, there are some of you that just don’t like ingredients that all come out of a box.

The following is a made from scratch cupcake that looks and tastes amazing, and you won’t have any problems learning…

cupcakes from scratch



One More ! We couldn’t resist…Oreo Cupcakes

oreo cupcakes





So there you have some amazing cupcake ideas. Now it is great to have these on hand, but it can be really disappointing when the mood hits you and you decide that you are in the cupcake baking mood. So here is a short list of what you should always make sure that you have on hand….







assorted flavoring like vanilla, almond and lemon extract

bakers or dark chocolate or cocoa

cupcake pans

cupcake liners

icing sugar

and lots of additional goodies to adorn your cupcake creations with: Things like sprinkles, skittles, smarties, m&ms, and jelly beans.











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