Hopefully you enjoyed our amazing cupcakes post and now you are ready to move onto something a bit more challenging but still really easy which is the diy spectacular cakes.

There are so many occasions that arrive where a beautiful cake is in order. All too often we rush out to the local bakery and spend a fortune on that extra special cake when it really isn’t necessary. Plus, contrary to the belief that you have to be super creative and artistic to present any one of these cakes, just isn’t true. So if you are ready then lets gets at it.

Theme cakes:

Whenever there is a birthday party for the kids coming up it, it means going for a theme which includes the cake. More often than not that theme focuses around the current trend. One of the biggest ones has been Disney’s ‘Frozen” series, so we thought this would be a good cake to start out with.


frozen cake




Here is another version of the Frozen cake that is a little more elaborate:


frozen cake two



“Frozen” Cake Characters:

The big thing about the “Frozen” Series is that there are lots of characters. So your little one may have a favorite and you just might be stuck on how to create the cake around the character theme. We thought this might help.

frozen characters



Lets not forget the little men:

They deserve spectacular cakes too…



firetruck cake


While some of the young boys are into the “Frozen” theme as well many of the little tots still like the more traditional type of cakes. Life the fire engine for example.





Don’t forget the super heroes!


spiderman cake

Almost every young lad will be into the super heroes and if you are afraid of choosing the wrong one you can pretty count yourself safe if you go with Spiderman:



Let’s move on to the big people’s birthday cakes, and believe it or not these are just as much fun as the kids cakes


Intriguing Adult Birthday Cakes



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