Adult Birthday Spectacular Cakes:

Now if the truth really comes out the adults get as much kick out of a themed cake just as the youngster do… you are surely going to wow somebody on your adult list with this Ipad cake


ipad cake


Yes! it really is a cake! There is plenty of room to put the birthday greeting on.


Let’s get a little feminine now. Surely there must be a diva or two on your birthday cake list…and what better representation for them than a Make Up Cake!


makeup cake



Any Occasion Spectacular Cakes:

Anytime is a good time to make a cake. With your new found skills of cake making and decorating you are probably just waiting for the next birthday to come along. No need to do that as this any occasion cake is sure to brighten up anyone that sees it and better yet gets to eat it.


rainbow cake




Now you are ready to embark on a baking frenzy, don’t forget to check out our wonderful collection of spectacular cupcakes.

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