If you are an individual that ends up having to buy a lot of gifts then it can be a real challenge finding something that is unique and fun and won’t get stuffed into a drawer. The type of occasion and of course the time of year sometimes has to be factored in with the gift choice, not to mention the price as well. You just might find that these projects with plantable seed paper to be just the thing that you are looking for.

What is plantable seed paper?

This is a biodegradable eco paper, in which you can use to embed different types of seeds into it. The piece of paper gets platted into some potting soil or right into the ground if you want. The seeds begin to sprout and the paper deteriates and acts as a compost.

You can buy this type of paper or you can make it yourself:

seed paper basics

image source: about.com


The seed paper is produced using paper pulp that is mixed with seeds before being pressed into shape.The paper pulp is made from pieces of recyclable paper.  This includes newspaper and junk mail (although this will give a gray finish), computer and printer paper, card from egg boxes or the inside of toilet rolls, tissue paper and many other types of paper with the exception of glossy paper as this is difficult to pulp. This is a simple paper making process and doesn’t use any special equipment. This creates a textured paper which is more rustic looking and less refined than professionally produced papers, however this adds to the charm of handmade plantable seed paper. continue reading for the full instructions. at about.com


As you can see from the tutorial there is lots you can do as far as shapes go once you have made the paper. Remember you really have to dry the paper fast otherwise your seeds are going to sprout!



Image source:pinterest

As you can see in the image you can cut your seed paper into all different shapes and forms…

Here is a video that will show you how to make another version of making your own paper



Now that you know how to make your own seed paper, here is an example of how to turn it into a card. You may not want to run your homemade paper through your printer as the seeds could jam it up.

Additional Ideas;

Making some get well cards with your plantable seed paper will surely be the gift that keeps on giving.

Or if you wanted you could cut out a bunch of hearts and include these with your wedding invitations. Just be sure to put the “plant me” message on them.

This is a wonderful project for the kids to do and then design cards with the paper to send to their grandparents or aunts and uncles.


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