Diy Spectacular Altered Book Art

April 25, 2015

There isn’t much that we can’t turn into art if we set our minds to it, but when you see what can be done with old books you might just be shocked as to what a beautiful old used book can be turned into. Of course we don’t want to deface books that still have some reading value left to them, but so many of them end up in the trash, so why not recycle them and save them from this. Altered book art takes a lot of practice and patience, but the finished pieces are magnificent even for the beginner.


book butterflies

What a wonderful center piece this makes. Imagine a book where butterflies flutter their way out from the pages. It truly is a conversation piece and a fun project to do. The following video will show you exactly how its done.


It isn’t just books that we can turn into some amazing paper art, but magazines can be turned into some very useful objects

magazine table

This is really one cool table and it’s hard to believe just how sturdy this really is or how fast it can be made


This following video is an excellent tutorial of how to do some of the basic folds for the sculptured book art…


Book Art vs Scrapbooking

Basically book art in its true form is like origami. It is the intricate folding of the pages to create amazing works of art. Some book art does include embellishments and gluing of the pages but this is a totally different form of the art. With scrapbooking it is the making of unique and personal collages of pictures and embellishments. They each have their only very special offerings. No matter which of these types of projects you decide to take on, keep in mind they are very time consuming.

intricate book art

Image source: greendiary

Now if you really wanted to expand your creativity then you could even go so far as to create works of art like this

popup book art

image source:bibliodessy


If you want to begin your journey with book art then you may want to start by learning how to create simple book pop ups. This will begin to familiarize you with working with books. You will soon develop your own talent for this.

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