There are so many people that are into the tattoos that it almost seems strange if you are without one. Then again there are a whole lot of us who really don’t want to be putting something that permanent on our body. Yes, there are temporary ones but even these are not that appealing to some. If you are feeling that you are a little out of the fashion mode, and wouldn’t mind dabbling around with this form of skin art just for fun, then you may find these natural flower tattoos which can be turned into DIY temporary flower tattoos  to be just what you are looking for. You can keep them as simple and elegant as you like or you can go crazy with them. One thing is for sure your tattoo is not going to be like anyone else’s because every flower is one of a kind and this is the medium you are going to be using.



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Dried Flower Tattoos:

Hopefully you agree that this is really dainty looking.

Your first step!

You need to decide on the colors that you want your tattoo to be. This will help you choose the right flowers. Or you may want to take the opposite approach and find your flowers first. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then you have a great flower source.

Once you get your flowers you have to dry them out. Now you could go with the old fashioned method of drying them pressed in a book but chances are you don’t want to wait weeks, so the microwave will work quite nicely for this.

Here is a video that will help you to dry your flowers out using the microwave:

Some flowers dry better than others when using the microwave, and retain their color better. Some good choices are gerbera daisies, roses, tulips and chrysanthemums, and carnations may work well too. You will need to experiment.

If the flowers still feel a little moist when you remove them from the microwave, transfer them immediately to another paper towel to continue their drying.

In the future, you can plan ahead for your dried flower tattooing and this will give you the chance to use other flowers using different drying techniques.


Applying the flowers to your skin:

You are going to need a glue for doing this, and you don’t want to be using just any old glue. Glue contains chemicals and you don’t want to be absorbing it into your skin. You may want to try eyelash glue as it has a gentler body to it. Paint the glue onto your skin then press the flower onto the wet glue. You may see that some of the petals don’t want to lay flat. With a brush very gently paint a layer of the eye lash glue on to top of this.

Wait for a few moments for the flower and glue to dry. Then give it a quick spray with some hair spray.


You will be surprised at just how durable these remain throughout the day. Try to put them on places where you are not likely to get them wet. Putting them on the back of your hand will probably not work that well as you will probably have to wash your hands throughout the day.

With the right design however, they will look lovely on your wrist, or upper arm for example, or a dainty collection of these pressed flowers on your ankle would look magnificent.

Ready to go one step further?

Matching Nail Art!



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