There is so much that can be done with old windows that there never should be any reason to toss them out to the trash. In fact with these DIY Wow transformations for old windows, chances are you are going to be so intrigued and impressed that you will start looking for them at garage sales.


image source:kates kreations

How very simple yet elegant this is and immediately draws the attention as soon as someone comes within visualization of it. It doesn’t take a lot of work either. For the background you could use anything you wanted. You could even use an old tree branch. Then you also have the option as to whether you want to remove the glass panes or leave them in.


windowframe and shelf

Image source:dazedtoamaze

Here is a similar version to the first image, but you can see how by adding a shelf it gives it a completely different look and it also functions as an ideal key holder.


french door picture frame

image source:ownerbuildernetwork

This is a fabulous idea. If you were to go and buy something like this assuming you could even find it, no doubt it would cost a fortune. I like the fact that it not only serves the purpose of displaying the photos in a wonder way, but it also works as a coat rack.


Vintage or modern day the choice is yours:

vintage or modern

Image source:thehambyhome

This idea is going to allow you to go vintage or modern. If you have an anniversary gift especially to a couple that has been partners for many years, this would be a beautiful DIY. You could have one of their wedding photos blown up and put into an old window frame.


Just in case you want to go a little further here is a video that will show you how to make a mini green house from old windows…


A few more ideas to expand your creativity:

More Wow Transformations for Old Windows


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