If you own an older home then there are certain areas that you really need to keep and eye on and make sure you fix problems before they become troublesome to your pocket and stress level!

More and more homes are being damaged by water, and this doesn’t just apply to older homes.  The following article will highlight the main problems you may encounter and will advise on how to fix them.


Moisture and Grading

Water is a major enemy of any home, but it’s an easy thing to diagnose and fix. As the ground around a home has time to settle, so does the structure that is resting on top of it. These changes in grading can lead to costly leaks and other moisture related issues. One way to fight back against unwanted moisture buildup is to repair broken gutters. A broken gutter can potentially send thousands of gallons of water right towards the ground around a home. By simply fixing the broken gutters and directing the water away from the house, you can solve issues related to water getting in and eroding your home’s foundation.

No Insulation

A lack of insulation is directly related to higher utility bills. Older homes were sometimes built with non-insulated single-pane windows, no wall or floor insulation and little attic insulation that has potentially compressed and deteriorated over the years. To combat this insulation problem, repair the caulking around windows, install proper insulation around door jams, and hire a pro to add blown-in insulation throughout the house. The extra money spent now will pay off with the added energy savings over the years.

Steel Plumbing

If your home is older than 1940 and hasn’t been updated, then it likely has steel plumbing throughout. These steel pipes are very susceptible to rust which clogs them up, leading to lower water pressure and even burst pipes. Replacement of steel pipes is a must in order to prevent water from becoming an unwelcome menace in your home.

Drafty Windows

Back in the day, steel and aluminum windows were the best replacements for the old iron-weighted wood models. However, these kind of windows tend to rust and crack, letting in outside air. Try and replace these old and outdated windows with contemporary energy-efficient replacements which come in all kinds of different designs to fit the style of your home.

via: The Most Common Problems of Older Homes (And How to Fix Them)

One of the biggest problems that older homes can encounter is problems with the actual foundations.  The cause of the shift is varied but is often tree roots. Keep an eye on trees near your property and deal with the tree before the roots get near the foundations.  With any shift, it is important to get it fixed early as the longer you leave it the more money it will cost to stabelize.

The old adage ‘they don’t build them like they used too’ is very true.  There are a growing number of us who love the prospect of renovating older homes.  Today’s building materials are, on the whole, a joy to work with.   You can still create the charm that an older property has, but the safer and better materials of today will ensure that your repair is sound.

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