No matter how much I have a clear out of my office, I can’t get past the tangled wires that show.  To make matters worse, it is so frustrating when the dust gets so bad I have to more or less disconnect all the gadgets to achieve a thorough cleaning. How much better would it be to hide wires and keep our work space dust free and clean…not to mention how much more organised we would look!  Well the following article is the solution:

How to Tame Tangled Wires on Your Desktop


  • I mounted a 12-outlet power strip on a section of 1″×4″poplar  that I added to the back edge of the desk. That edge had been unfinished, so I was happy to cover it.
  • To energize the power strip, I dropped its power cord down to a surge suppressor on an outlet at floor level. Naturally, before sharing one surge suppressor among 12 outlets, I made sure I wouldn’t exceed its rating, even if I turned everything on simultaneously.
  • Because I have an L-shaped desk, I duplicated this setup for both sections of the L.

    How to Tame Tangled Wires on Your Desktop

      • The next step was to drill holes in the desktop with a hole saw, as close as possible to the devices so that their wires could disappear through the holes. This was traumatic, as the desktop had been a relatively expensive acquisition, and the holes were unsightly. But 1½” diameter is the minimum for VGA or DVI connectors, and I wanted all the holes to be the same size, to make them easier to fill later.
        Wires from monitors, mice, keyboards, and printers were bundled with double-sided velcro and routed to the rear of each computer Continue Reading…

    So there you go, a great little project that will clear your desktop from tangled wires.  This hide wires strategy will make you look and feel so much more organised, I hope you get as much satisfaction from this project as I did.   

    Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control – Lifehacker
    Mar 5, 2008 … to stow your headphone wires tangle-free in your gym bag, hide the ugly wire spaghetti you keep kicking further under your desk, or organize …



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