Doing a major overhaul on your landscaping can cost a ton of money, but these diy simple landscaping ideas will cost you very little and you are not only going to boost your curb appeal but create a backyard atmosphere that you are absolutely going to love.

 fence idea for fun

image source: gardeningcook

What a wonderful fencing idea. It can really become the focal point of your front entrance, or perhaps as a gateway to your secret garden.

You will have to get the handyman of the house to construct these for you, and there are no actual instructions to be found, but just looking at them carefully should be all that you need to go ahead and make them


Tree Stump Creativity:

tree stump landscaping

Image source:stitchesscrapsandtidbits

It can be really expensive having to hire someone to come and remove a tree stump for you, but instead of doing that why not turn it into a landscaping focal point. If you like the idea of having a fairy garden then do check out our fairy garden post.

How about transforming an old tree log:


tree log fun

image source:dumpaday

This is absolutely beautiful although you may need a handyman to hollow it out for you. What you may want to think about doing is using the long window sill type planters in them so the tree won’t rot as quickly.


treestump stools

image source: twigandtoadstool

As you can see the bottoms are simply old tree stumps, but in case you are wondering what the tops are, they are old wooden salad bowls. Surely you will be able to find a few of these at some local garage sales. Then once you do just paint them in your favorite colors and designs.




Old Hose Basket:hose basketimage source: apartment therapy

Oh don’t throw out that old garden hose. Look what you can turn it into! What a wonderful basket to use as a planter. Setting this on your front step is really going to create a wow factor.

If you really like this and you have some patience then here are some instructions to get you started



lost garden

image source:poplularmechanics

Now not likely you are going to be building one of these in your garden, but we thought you might enjoy seeing it, and who knows you might get some creative ideas from it.


Hedgehog fun:



image source:practicideas

Yes this really is simply made from a plastic bottle and there is nothing to it. Lay the bottle on its side and cut a square portion of it away. Just big enough so you can fill it with soil and put your plants of choice in it. Before you do that though cover the neck as well as bit of the body of the bottle with some burlap material. Then position the eyes using buttons, and a bigger one for the nose. Thats it for this project, but if we have tweaked your interest in having fun with plastic bottles, then check out our great post on this.

Fountain of Pools:


fountain of pools


Image source: ehow

Even if you don’t have a few of these kids inflatable pools laying around they are so inexpensive to buy that after you see what they can be turned into no doubt you are going to head out to buy them. Just imagine being able to have inflatable fountain! How cool is that !

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