Window coverings are a very important not only for the privacy they afford us but also for the atmosphere they set for our living space. Finding the right ones can be really expensive, and sometimes boring because so many of them look the same. Here are some DIY window coverings that are different, and cheap to make or do. Some of the materials will surprise you.

shutter window coverings

image source:vintagenewsjunkie

We are so used to thinking that we have to use cloth materials for window coverings that we forget about some of the other useful items that are available to us. You can actually buy shutters that are made for window coverings but these can be pretty expensive. If you have a handyman around the house then these can easily be made. Or, if you happen to be a do it yourselfer you can even make these. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying them.

3 in one wndow coverings


image source: inmyownstyle

If you want to keep it really simple and use the same material for several of your windows throughout the house, then you can do this but with three completely different looks, as you can see in the above picture.

Supplies Needed:

1 yard of fabric – I found this turquoise fabric at JoAnn’s Fabrics. It did not have a name on it , but was sold with all the cotton quilt fabrics, not in the decorator fabric section.
Optional: 1 yard of lining fabric
Fabric Glue or HeatN’Bond Fusible Adhesive
Tape Measure
For Roman Shade – 4 tension rods.  I bought them at Walmart for $2.50 a piece. 
For Clipped Shades – 2 Tension Rods, Decorative Brooch or Clip-On Earrings

for the great instructions for this 3 in one no sew look visit in my own style



panel curtains

image source:pinterest

Picking up some old panel doors then converting them to your window coverings is another cost effect way of getting some different window covers.

It doesn’t have to be curtains:

Everyone gets sick of using the same old thing like curtains and drapes for covering their windows. But here is a clever idea that not only works super well for a bathroom window, but could be customized for any window in the house.


Just imagine using cedar for this how wonderful the smell will be when the water hits it.
Turning a plain blind into something spectacular:
If you don’t want to invest a lot of money into your window coverings think about getting some cheap plain blinds and some inexpensive wallpaper and putting the two together:
wallpaper and blinds
image source: pinterest

Stained Glass Anyone?

If you love the look of stained glass but not the price, then here are a few projects that will go easy on the pocket book.


stained glass frosting

image source: southerncharm

What you are going to get with this technique that you see in the image is a plain frosted look. It’s pretty neat as it obscures the view but still lets the light in. (click on the image link for how to)


Using Gallery Glass:


gallery glass

Gallery glass is a paint by Plaid that lets you do faux stained glass. In the following video you will see how to work with it. You can adapt the techniques that are being used here and apply them to your window.


So there you have a few ideas to get you started on some chic diy window coverings that look amazing, that you can do and don’t cost a fortune.

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