Getting children interested and passionate about craft for kids projects can be a challenge. We all know the dangers that too much electronic gadgets and gizmos can pose, and we try our hardest to encourage constructive skills. The secret with kids is to start by taking baby steps and start getting them into simple yet fun tasks.  The following project is especially easy.  By keeping it simple and at the same time creating something that they will love is the secret.  Painting macaroni and making a necklace is the perfect solution, and will help develop cognitive skills too.  Let’s take a look at the steps.

You will require:

  1. dried elbow macaroni pasta
  2. Paint and brushes
  3. Thin permanent marker
  4. Glue gun
  5. Yarn

Crafts For Kids



      1. Paint your macaroni noodles.For each cat, we painted our macaroni tubes in two tones, for the cat’s stripy belly.



      1. When the paint is dry, lay the pasta side-by-side on the table and glue the pieces together at the back. The glue will keep your cat nice and flat. You can also thread them together, if you wish.



      1. With a thin permanent marker or small brush dipped in paint, draw on the cat’s triangle ears, eyes, nose and whiskers.



      1. Loop in the yarn along the top tube of macaroni and tie it in the back to secure the necklace.

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As you can see, DIY jewelry is a great craft for kids to create.  The one featured is a cat, but with some imagination the kids can more or less create what they want.

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