We all love a comfy bed, but when its one that is really unique it can turn your bedroom atmosphere into such an enchanted area that you just won’t want to get up in the morning. We spend so much time in our homes, we really should turn it into whatever we like and have fun doing it. Even if you aren’t adventuresome enough to take on some of these projects you are really going to enjoy looking at them.


girlie bunk beds

image source:shenghuoatjia

While we weren’t able to get you the actual plans for this it does give you a great idea for a set of bunk beds for a little girls room. What little princess would mind sharing a bedroom with her sister if they could have a set of beds like this.

This video will inspire yo to do something amazing for your young man’s room

What little one wouldn’t want to sail off to sleep in this boat bed!


image source: instructables:

For the instructions for this just click on the image source.




Turning dead trees into something magical:

image source:glamormoms

For those that really do love life simple and like that touch of nature this will surely turn your nights into sweet dreams.


storage bed

image source; stylecaster

This storage bed is good for a studio apartment but it would great to use in your guest bedroom, if you are tight on storage space.


Keeping it simple:

sheet canopy bed

image source:pinterest

When looking for ideas for that special bed make sure to look around your home for items that you can recycle. You will be surprised at just what you can do with some throw aways.


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