Most of us, myself included, dismiss the possibility that we could be involved in a catastrophe that could threaten our very life. We are increasingly seeing a lot more sites pop up that are based around survivalist tactics.  I have come to the conclusion that the least I can do is prepare a basic disaster kit. More and more we are seeing floods, earthquakes and doomsday predictions.  These happenings are very real and there are people around the World in desperate need right now. I don’t want to tempt fate, but being prepared surely can’t hurt.  The following compilation of ideas is designed to make sure you have the basic cover and would make you and your families safer should the worse occur.


Lets face it, if SHTF, there is good chance someone is going to have some injuries. While we obviously hope that any medical issues are mild, without the proper first aid kit the smallest of issues could escalate into something devastating.Make your first aid kit is of an adequate enough size to accommodate not only family, but others you might need to help.


Without water, we’d all be screwed. In the event of a major emergency, there is a good chance your normal water supply will be affected. Having a back supply on hand is paramount. You can go out an buy a large water storage container, of even use what you already have. An extra 5 gallon water jug filled up and stored can and will make a huge difference in a time of need.


Much like water, food is also of equal importance. Even in a dire emergency we still need to eat. A simple search on the internet will provide you with plenty of options for building a storing an emergency food supply. From prepackaged kits in a ready to container, to compiling your own, the options are many. For those on a budget, I suggest stocking up on simple items that you enjoy, (just be sure they have a long shelf life). Such as your favorite can foods, crackers, dehydrated itemsetc.. Be sure to have enough food on hand for at least one to two weeks. Read the whole article here

This article is really based around the basic essentials.  I think it is worth adding a few other disaster kit items like maybe a few space blankets.

Please go to page 2 for a deeper look at survival disaster kit, and how you can prepare if you want to be more thorough.

Full Disaster Kit Ideas


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