Just looking at restoring  some old chairs that I had and was looking for inspiration. I am so impressed with the different suggestions that people have shared.  I have 4 quite old chairs and am in a bit of a quandary into what might look the best. Painting chairs has taken on a whole new fun aspect and I am greatly looking forward to the challenge.

Paint dipped chairs might be a great solution as the chairs I am going to work with are vintage!  I liked the look of this:

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs

You need:

  • Chairs for painting
  • A few cans of Spray Paint (I used White Knight Squirts in Flat White, Gum Grey, Glossy White and Sky Blue)
  • Masking or painting tape
  • Plastic
  • A Ruler


This is the before – they were pretty scuffed which made them perfect for this project!

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs

How to:
1. First, you’ll want to give your chairs a sand down if they need it. Then decide where to paint the chair – we opted for an kind of opposite tide line equal to the height of a table, around 75cm high. Then mask off the parts of the chair you don’t want to paint. We used a ruler to make sure the horizontal line was perfectly straight, then covered the rest of the chair in plastic so it didn’t get painted.

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs

2. Decide on the colours you want to use, we went with a mix of colours but you can choose just one – plain white would be great in a minimalist home.

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs

3. First we sprayed the chair with flat white as the undercoat, we allowed it to dry for a few hours. Then we added on top the outer coat of colour or glossy white. We made a little cubby of cardboard to stop the paint spreading, although I don’t think it would have spread much anyway.


4. We allowed to dry fully over night then carefully removed the plastic and the tape. If there were any drips we used turpentine to remove the paint, although there were surprisingly few!

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs


This post is in collaboration with White Knight. All concepts and opinions are my own.



I think that this method of painting chairs produces such a neat job.  Then I looked deeper and discovered these lace painted chairs.  These look great, and the look is all the rage at the moment.

How To Paint A Chair Through Lace

how to paint a chair through lace


Right now we are looking for a new table set. We have an old family table but no chairs to go with it. One idea I had was to get a mix match of older chairs and paint them all the same color to bring the look together.

Then I stumbled on this really great looking idea for painting chairs and leaving a lace pattern of the original wood. It looks amazing. I just hope if/when I attempt it, I can have it come out just as nice

{Image Source}


via: How To Paint A Chair Through Lace


Love this idea, and of course it would be very unique. So if you are looking for inspiration I think the above will give you two totally different ideas.  Painting chairs using spray paint is probably the easier of the two ideas.



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