There is no doubt that lighting is expensive. The strange part is a lot of times we end up throwing out old lamps and lights because they have simply lost their charm. When it comes to do it yourself lighting there are a multitude of ideas that you can take advantage of.

You will not only find that you can really save a lot of money with some DIY Unique lighting, but that it is loads of fun, and yes you will have some one of a kind lighting looks throughout your home. So let’s get started.

Let’s begin with table lamps:

There are two major components that can be worked on here. The lampshades as well as the bases.

Lampshade Ideas:

photo lampshadeImage source: instructables

Surely you have some precious photos laying around, but just don’t have enough room left to display them. Then if so this is a wonderful use for them. Just imagine how grateful one of the senior’s in your life would be to receive a lamp that was covered in wonderful family photographs.

Always remember when it comes to DIY lampshades that you want to be careful what medium you are using for the shade, and to only use low wattage light bulbs.

You may want to use your computer for making copies of your photos so you can keep the original ones intact. If so then here is what you will need, and the instructions for doing this….

List of needed materials:

computer card stock
tracing paper
color printer (good to  have one that can scan old photos also)
software on you computer that allows you to re-size photos.
scissors or paper cutter is easier to use.
temporary/permanent spray adhesive
white lampshade (most craft stores carry them at inexpensive price – I paid about $6 each)
photos that you have acquired or scanned to your computer.

Visit instructables for the full instructions:


Wallpaper or material lampshade coverings:

Your choices are going to be almost endless if you decide to use wallpaper or fabric to cover that old beat up lampshade. There is a bit of a trick to getting it just right though. Once you know how its really not difficult at all and lots of fun.

covering lampshadesimage source: beach vintage

When choosing the covering for your lampshade keep a couple of things in mind. If you want the lamp to be versatile so it can be used in any room, then keep the covering neutral, and perhaps a solid color. If you do go with a pattern again make sure it is neutral colors and not too busy.

You can also make your lampshade go with the theme of your room. If you are wallpapering your room, then pick up a corresponding wall paper to do your lampshades in. Or alternatively you can use the same paper as you are using on your walls.

Click on the image source above to go to an excellent tutorial for how to cover a lampshade properly.


pingpong light

Image source: Poppy talk

Now can you think of a better way to use ping pong balls, other than for the game itself?

Basically you are not going to be using the actual lamp shade here, but rather a lamp frame.

You will need to first spray paint your ping pong balls, then make several garlands out of them to fit in rows around your frame.

You will need to make a small hole in opposite ends of the balls so you can string them. Just think of a bead and how you would string them together and you’ve got it.

You can really alter the look of this by using beading into between the balls if you want to let more light shine through.

Letting nature add to your lighting:

wall tree lighting

image source:home esthetics

Let nature inspire you with your lighting. Using the small mini lights opens up so many doors for you to be able to create some wonderful lighting accent pieces.

To finish off your nature look why not add a pair of table lamps made from branches as well…

twig table lampsimage source: A bit of bees knees

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