Everything we have to buy today can be expensive and that is why we Do It Yourself. It can save a whole bunch of money and our post here on DIY door knobs is no exception. Strange as it may sound our door knobs are must haves. Just take a look around your home and see how many different knobs are there. They are on your cabinets, dressers and doors. Now if you had to go out and buy these it would cost a fortune. So let’s have some fun and see how many of these fun do it yourself projects are for you.

wood door knobsimage source:vickichristman

These are wood door knobs that have been given new life by being decoupaged. Now this means you still have to buy the wood knobs or keep an eye out for them at your local garage sales. There may be another way, by implementing this diy door knobs idea

socialdoorknobstwoimage source: D.Lawless

You can buy these knob or pull bases at a very low price and make all the doorknobs you want. For the wood knobs we showed you above, you could buy some wood discs from your local dollar store to make the decoupaged ones shown above. D.Lawless Hardware sells these, and you can get them in various sizes and shapes.

Porcelain Door Knobs:

Buying porcelain door knobs is not cheap so you want to look around for a good deal. Once you do find them though you can transform them into something absolutely gorgeous. If you are only buying one then it is worth the investment and following through with this technique.

Glass Door Knobs:

Glass knobs are another expensive item to buy, but here you can save some money by actually making your own out of liquid plastic.

Now this is recycling!

No longer do you have to throw out those old fuses. Collect enough of them and you can make some nifty diy door knobs out of them. Perfect for the workshop don’t you think?

recycled fuse door knobsimage source: 3 Sun Kissed Boys

All you need for these is some strong glue to attach the screws to the back of them.


If you are looking for something whimsical and to add some real interest to the kids room, then you are going to love these crochet knob covers

crochet knobsimage source: pickles

¬†What you will need…

What you need:
Old knobs, we used some old knobs made out of tree, 4 mm.
Scrapyarn, we used cotton
Crochet needle, 4,5 mm

The easy to follow instructions for this are on pickles, and it will also teach you a different crochet technique that you will enjoy.

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