If you were to store up all the plastic containers that you accumulate throughout a year no doubt you would have tons of garbage bags filled with them. After seeing these DIY plastic container ideas you just might not end up throwing those plastics out anymore.

plastic container bird feeder

image source: thrifty fun

You are really creating a positive double whammy here with this recycled bird feeder. You are making good use of the plastic plus providing a food source for the birds.


  • McDonald’s Happy Meal bucket (bottom only needed with attached handle)
  • plastic mayonnaise jar with lid
  • hammer
  • nail punch or nail to punch holes needed or drill bit if desired
  • scissors to cut down pail to 2-3 inches tall and to cut side windows in jar
  • 1 long screw with bolt
  • spray paint of color choice
  • acrylic craft paints for decorative painting and assorted paint brushes
  • clear paint sealer for lasting outside exposure

If you don’t have the happy meal bucket you can always improvise with using the bottom of a large soda bottle perhaps…full full instructions be sure to follow the great instructions at thrifty fun.


recycled planter potsimage source: bhg

Can you believe this beautiful and very color wreath was made from the plastic nursery pots that your plants came in and the cell packs. According to Better Homes and Garden all you need to do is  cut the pots and packs into flower shapes then spray paint them. Once dry you can attach them to a wreath form. You may want to cover your wreath form with moss first if your wreath is going to be exposed to the elements.

The following video will give you some ideas how to cut flowers from plastic. You should be able to adapt these ideas to the nursery pots.

The perfect use for that plastic milk container:


watering milk containerimage source: off beat home

How simple is this. The perfect no drip watering container. Just put a bunch of holes in the lid of the plastic milk carton.


Let’s really step it up a notch and make something huge with those storage containers. If you don’t have access to the big industrial size, think smaller and see how you may be able to adapt some of the smaller but similar type containers…

recycled pastic storage containersimage source: recycclart

We all have some of these mini plastic containers kicking around, and at times have used them for storing odds and ends, and then shove them in a drawer. Now here is a great way to put them to multiple uses…

mini plastic pots

image source: buzzfeed


Looking for a great way to not only keep your yarn organized but keep it clean and off the floor when working with it?

cup wool holders

image source:sewlicioushome


Strawberries to a treasure chest:

How many strawberry containers do you end up with throughout the summer? Now you can take these and turn them into treasure chests for the little ones.

strawberry chestimage source: the classroom creative

What you will need:

empty plastic strawberry containers

-mod podge

-foam brush

-ripped up newsprint or junk mail

-gold acrylic paint

-thick sharpie marker in black

treasure chest printables (skull, lock, and straps)


Click on the image link to take you to the full how to:


We hope that you enjoyed these few easy to do DIY plastic container ideas. We have  done a post on diy using plastic bottles that you will really enjoy.

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