One of the most expensive items to have to replace in our kitchen is our counter tops. They are also one of the biggest tell tale signs of an outdated kitchen. If you are up for diy projects then these DIY kitchen counter tops may be just what is going to modernize your kitchen once again and save you a ton of money.

How about a faux butcher counter top that really is different yet durable

faux butcher block countertop

image source:breakfastfordinner


 Specialty Paints for painting over laminate counter tops


speciality painting counter topsspeciality counter tops two

image source:diynetwork

It is a wonderful world that we live in when we no longer have to tear out and replace our counter tops. This counter top you see in the picture was transformed into a stunning granite look with a product called Giani Granite.

Giani comes in a kit with everything you need and there are several different color selections. There are easy to follow instructions, so anyone can transform their counter tops into a granite look that will be absolutely spectacular. Not only can you get different colors, but you can achieve different looks of granite. It is also affordable which makes this a great diy project.


This video will give you an idea of how anyone can work with the Giani Granite, and also shows it’s great for the bathroom counter tops as well.

Another product that will allow you to complete one of the DIY counter tops projects is Rustoleum

rustoleum onerustoleum two


Again this comes in a kit and is also easy to work with.

Using Concrete in the kitchen:

Yes you really can have a stunning counter top made of concrete. It has a lot of benefits to it like being heat resistant and durable.

If you are thinking that concrete counter tops can’t be made all that impressive looking, then take a look at this…


fancy concrete counter topimage source:brainright

When you are looking at the different stages that the making of the concrete counter tops go through it is really hard to visualize how impressive they can be. As you can see by this project completed by BrainRight it can be absolutely beautiful. BrainRight has an excellent tutorial on how to achieve this look that you won’t want to miss.

Simplified Painting:
Some people want to use paints that they are a bit more familiar with such as the craft paints. You can actually use these to create the look you want. What will be really important is the sealer that you use once your project is completed.


For renters:

Some people rent their dwellings and of course the owners are really sticky about what is done in the place. So painting is just not an option. What can be done though and is not only cheap but impressive is to cover them with special contact paper. Now of course this means you won’t be doing any cutting on your counter tops, but it just merely means using a cutting board.

contact counter topsimage source:craftandrepeat

There are plenty of online resources for buying this counter top specialty paper for example like home depot

For a hands on example with some tips for applying this, the following video should help.
Hopefully you will have some fun completing your new look for your kitchen counter tops. It may spur you onto wanting to redo your kitchen cabinets. If so then we have some great ideas for you in this DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets post.

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