With the summer break getting nearer we are all starting to think about ways of keeping the kids occupied, and at the same time surreptitiously encouraging their creative skills and minds. There is nothing more rewarding to you the parent and also the child, as fun and creative crafts for kids.

One of the popular activities that always occupies kids for hours is the soap cloud.  It is amazing and scary what you can do with a bar of soap!



Place a piece of waxed paper, parchment, plastic wrap, or paper towel in your microwave.  Just don’t use foil, or we’ll have issues on our hands that are much bigger than  your next burrito tasting slightly like a fresh mountain spring.  This really doesn’t make a mess, so don’t be scared.

Start your microwave for a couple of minutes on high power.  You don’t need to let it run that whole length of time, but you can just stop it when you need to.  Want to see what happens??  It’s a little hard to see through my microwave door, but check it out (and ignore me when I say you need to turn your microwave turntable off, that’s for if you’re trying to video this experience:))  Read More


Great fun!  The next suggestion is good for the kids mind and it encourages logical thinking.

Easy Diy Marble Maze


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