It’s warming up out there. Time to take a look at some stay cool tips.  If you are one of the millions who doesn’t have A/C then staying cool just takes a bit of thinking about.  I was looking at some resources and one of the first articles I discovered was this following  giving advice to pregnant women.  There are some great tips in the article and will be perfect for all.

1. Watch out for the salt. Sodium causes you to retain water and swell up. So if you want to keep your ankles and feet normal sized this summer, lay off the extra pickles.

pregnancy cravings pickles pregnancy stages pregnancy week by week

2. Run all your errands in the morning and late evening, or the cooler times of day. Once it’s hot, stay indoors and keep relaxed!

3. Hydrate! Drink plenty of cool water all day long. Water really is best but drinks with electrolytes  are good too, like coconut water. Here’s an extra tip. Add your favorite herbs, sliced cucumber and fresh fruit into a tall pitcher. Fill it with water and place it in the refrigerator for yummy flavored water all day long.

lime-mint-cucumber-water-recipe easy summer drinks recipes

4. Dine on meals and snacks that are juicy and light, like fruit, salads and chilled soups, like yummy gazpacho.

5. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil into a spray Continue Reading…


Superb tips there and I think you will agree that they are suitable for all of us.  Here is another enlightening post…the most intriguing tip is the one about drinking hot beverages!

Cotton is the key
Dress in light cotton clothing if you’re not in the pool or in the ocean. Cotton breathes well and allows for better air circulation, which helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat.

Jump into the pool to cool off

Drink hot beverages
The reason why you often see people in warm climates drinking piping hot tea is because it helps you cool down. Maybe counter-intuitive, but when you sip a hot beverage, your body senses the change in temperature and increases your sweat production. Then, as the sweat evaporates from your skin, you cool off naturally.

Eat less more often
Your body will probably be giving you signs in this direction in any case. You’ll probably feel less hungry and won’t really want to have hot food. Go for salads, fresh raw food, vegetables and fruit. Avoid eating meat and protein-heavy foods during the heat of the day because these can increase metabolic heat production, which can add to loss of water. Cold soups are great in warm weather. If you haven’t tried them yet, hot weather is the excuse you need!

A refreshing salad is always good

Use ceiling fans or any other fan
Most apartments and hotel rooms will have ceiling fans. Failing that there will be an oscillating fan. Check that the ceiling fans are turning counter clockwise so that they will be pulling the hot air up instead of pushing the hot air down. Still hot? Try placing a couple of frozen bottles of water in front of the fan and feel the difference in air temperature.

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Finally, what about those hot sticky nights when it feels nigh on impossible to sleep due to the heat…


1. Create Air Movement

A fan often is enough to cool you at night with the cooler air temperatures. Place it where you can get good circulation, but make sure it doesn’t blow on your head, which could make sleeping even more difficult. You might want to invest in two fans to create a cross breeze. The more air flow you can get around yourself, the cooler you will stay all night. Sleeping next to someone increases the temperature around you, so you may want to invest in a bigger bed or two beds.

2. Check Out Your Sheets

Lightweight sheets will be more comfortable. Silk is a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, like when you’re sweating. This gives you a cooling effect. It’s also hypoallergenic and luxurious. Cotton is another good choice in the summer.

You will get a few minutes of relief by placing your sheets in the freezer in a plastic bag before using them at night. This is the opposite of placing them in the dryer in the winter. This method might be a little more extreme, but when you are desperate for a good night’s sleep and are short on cash, this is a quick–but temporary–fix.

3. Watch What You’re Wearing to Bed

As with the sheets, wear lightweight clothes to sleep in. Silk and cotton are breathable fabrics that take moisture away from your skin. Lighter colored clothes do not absorb heat, which is another way to stay cooler at night. Going au naturel is controversial. Some people say the sweat stays on the body and some people feel it helps them stay cooler. You’ll have to decide which way you prefer.

4. Shower Before Bed

A cool shower before you turn in helps your body cool down. However, water that is too cold stimulates the body’s natural heat production. The temperature should be around room temperature or a little cooler. You will feel better and cleaner when lying down. Read More


You may not have A/C in your home, but you can still make your life more bearable with some of the stay cool tips I have shared above.

On a serious note, I would like to remind you all that heat is responsible for the deaths of lots of vulnerable people and animals.  Keep an eye out for these vulnerable people and pets that may live in your neighborhood and lend a hand where you can.  Even dropping a fan round will help…

Have a great summer and stay cool!


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