Here is a quick project that is so simple you can complete it in a few hours.  Build a vertical herb garden and make your life easier by having your herbs close to hand whilst preparing meals. I have a separate area in my yard that I use for the herbs, but just sometimes I find having to walk down the yard, especially if it is raining, a nuisance.  This way the herbs are just outside, all together and very convenient.

Picture of Finding The Right Material
photo-2015-05-24 19:08.jpg
photo-2015-05-24 19:08.jpg
photo-2015-05-24 19:08.jpg
For this project I used an old plank, a gutter and a matching pillar. I started by cutting everything in the right size.
I decided to make it almost squared, so when it grows, it will be a lot of greenery covering the wall.


You can see the whole project was really constructed out of unused bits of wood etc. By using your imagination, you will easily visualise how attractive the finished project will look on any wall.  Once the troughs have grown you will have a wonderful vertical herb garden display.

I looked further and found this idea that you will find a great looking alternative:

A vertical herb garden was definitely the answer! We wanted it relatively cheap, and to match our house, so we went the DIY route. The best part is that there isn’t a ton of assembly required.

via: How to DIY a Vertical Herb Garden for Under $100 – Momtastic


Bask in the deliciousness of fresh herbs until winter comes and kills them all.

via: How to DIY a Vertical Herb Garden for Under $100 – Momtastic


So there are two different approaches to building your own vertical herb garden.  I am sure by looking at both ideas you will come up with your own unique looking design.  I love the ability to keep all of your herbs separate and under control.

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