There has been a lot of interest in our posts that have given oodles of ideas of how to spruce up walls. We have come across some more great ideas, and we just couldn’t resist passing them along, and hopefully spurring some creativity that can be carried out on a budget. Let’s face it, most of just don’t have the extra money to go out and buy all the renovation products that cost a fortune, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without have a fabulous looking home.

Of course one of the easiest ways to spruce up your walls is with art that you can remove whenever you get tired of it, or if you have to move. So here are a few suggestions for diy art that is going to create some spectacular looking walls.


light art for walls

image source:pop sugar

As you can see in the image this started as a separate piece of art. It began with the painting of a piece of stretched canvas. In this project the design was random. You can either do a random piece or follow a pattern. If you do trace a pattern on the back be sure you reverse it so it will show correctly. You want to put dots on the back of the canvas where you want the lights to come through. Then once you have mapped out your design, you can use an awl to make the holes to push the lights through.

Art on a budget:

Sometimes coming up with money for even small items is not all that easy. You can still create some spectacular wall art with recycled items. In fact, you can turn your toilet paper rolls into masterpieces like this…

toilet paper roll art

image source:justmeandt

For full instructions on how to get started with this type of art click on the image source.


Living Wall Art:

If you are really into flowers but want a non traditional way of displaying them, then you are going to love this…

living wall art

image source:lunasee

My Supplies:

1- Vintage frame with a 16″ x 20″ interior opening
1- 20″x24″ piece of 1″ Chicken Wire
1- 9′ long piece of 2″x”2″
1 – 22″x 26″ piece of oak plywood for the backing
a bunch of nails (some 2 1/2 ” & some 1″)
1 spray can of clear satin water based outdoor Varathane Diamond Spar Urethane
~10 lbs of cactus soil
50+ succulent clippings

Work Gloves
Wire cutters

First, I applied about 4 coats of Spar Urethane varnish to the front and back of the frame.  I let each coat dry completely before applying the next.

With the frame laying face down I pressed a large piece of 1″ chicken wire down though the interior opening making sure it was flush with the front of the frame.  Farilla then stapled the chicken wire into place on the back side of the frame.  We removed all the excess wire with wire cutters.  I highly recommend wearing work gloves while cutting the wire.  Those edges are sharp.

continue reading the rest of the instruction here at Luna

Getting creative:

canvas wall artImage source:inspiration for moms

If you were to go and try lettered art like this it can be pretty pricey and you may not find the wording that you want. No problem because you can create some spectacular wall art like this yourself. Just click on the image link for the easy to follow how to.

Its all in a box!

 box artImage source:plungeproject

Surely you have some old boxes kicking around the house. Now you can turn them into some simple shadow boxes creative art pieces that can also hold some light objects. You can either paint them, stencil them or use contact paper to decorate them.

Wall Stenciling:

Don’t underestimate what you can do with a simple wall stencil. Wall paper is really expensive, and hard to remove. You can create your very own wallpaper look with stencils, then when you want to get rid of the look, you just need to paint over it.

wallstencilbeforewall stencil after

image source:whiletheysnooze

You can either make your own stencil, or purchase a ready made one. Stenciling can be time consuming, but if you are looking for one of a kind wall art this is the way to go.

Wall upon wall:

wallpaper panelsimage source:mobileliving

Top quality wall paper can cost a fortune. You can still use it economically by covering large panels in it then hanging it like wall art. This is a great way for sprucing up a long dark and narrow hall.

More exciting Dry Wall Projects:

In the past we did a couple of really exciting wall art project using dry wall compound. Everyone loved them and it really is a popular form of art. We thought we would give you a couple more here to enjoy and try.

drywall stencilingimage source:royaldesignsstudio

Imagine being able to give your cupboards an amazing uplift such as this. However, this very same technique can be used on your walls.

Using special stencil patterns:

You can actually buy stencil patterns that will allow you to work on your entire wall. If you want one to look like brick then no problem.

drywallcompound wallartimage source: youtube

So there you have a few more great wall ideas. Be sure to check out our other posts on using drywall compound to spruce up your walls.

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