I happened across this article and I simply had to share.  This is a great project for the older kids to try.  Depending on the age and skill, you will need to supervise as there are sharp tools needed to make this work.  According to the author these stick bark whistles are best made when the sap is running through the trees, so in the spring and summer, excellent timing then!

Stick Bark Whistle


You will need
– a sharp knife
– a green deciduous stick
I normally use alder, birch or maple.

Picture of Making the cut.
To start you will need to cut the stick clean and have a good 1″ or more clear of knots. Its important not to scuff up the bark.
You will need to look at the whole article to get the full instructions butt as you will see, you will need to be sure of the skill if the kids will be involved.
Picture of Crack off the bark.
Grasp the bark and twist, it should slide freely off the stick. Be careful not to brake the bark, you will need it to finish this project.
Read the Full Article HERE
The reward that you will witness when this old project is finished will be so worth the patience that might be needed when sourcing the ideal stick bark whistle twig!  Some of the old simple skills are being lost to the electronic age that we are living in nowadays.  This quick project is a superb example how we can bring some of the old passed down skills back to life.

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