A lot of us love having a display of cut flowers on show in our homes.  Several reasons for this that I can think of, the aroma that greets you when you walk in and the colors will brighten up any day.  We all have our own reasons and some of us just love flower arranging.  The one thing that can sometimes put us off, however, is the cost!  The alternative is to grow your own flowers!   Take a look at some expert advice.

Home Ec: Skip The Store & Grow Your Own Flowers

One of the most incredible things about gardening is that with a little extra work, you can often grow your own things for a fraction of what they would cost in a store. Living in NYC, I got used to paying incredibly high prices for flowers, both because of the high markup and because of the distance they often traveled to get there. Cut flowers make me so happy that I worked them into my budget as a part of regular life (in exchange for not buying new clothes) and got used to sometimes paying $10-$12 a head for truly special flowers. But now that we live in a rural area and have access to some space to grow, I’ve been making plans for a small cutting garden so I can grow my own flowers and not only save money, but learn something and enjoy the journey of watching them sprout from seeds and tiny plants into full grown beautiful displays.

Know Your Zone: To get started, you need to know what you can grow in your yard or in your window box. Then when you’re looking for plants, you can be sure to check which zones they thrive in. Nothing’s worse than spending money on something that can’t handle your dry/cold/humid climate and then dies

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Flowers make us feel better. They are one of the most purchased items that we buy for special occasions. They will brighten up any home. Flowers are big business, they are mass produced on flower farms the World over and this in turn creates problems to the environment with water shortage and transport costs. How much better would it be then to grow your own flowers. The self-satisfaction will be immense.


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