Keeping the kids occupied and engaged is at the fore of most of our minds. As parents we are aware that we need to encourage skills and reduce the time spent on their electronic gadgets.  There is a sure fire way of achieving this and that is with the use of food crafts.  Whilst exploring I came across this great collection that covers some amazing ideas.

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Bear SandwichesMake an ordinary peanut butter sandwich extraordinary. Cut the sandwich into a larger circle and smaller circle cut in half. Attach the smaller circle halves to the larger circle as ears. Place a dollop of peanut butter in the middle of the large circle to be the bear’s nose and embellish with raisins or chocolate chips to create a face.


How about encouraging the 5 a day with this fun preparation?

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Make this cute nod to ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ quickly and easily with green and red grapes. Skewer the green grapes along a toothpick until you have room on the end for just one red grape. Make eyes with a dollop of cream cheese and chocolate chips.


This next idea is a great suggestion, your kids love the fun element in this one.

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Owl cupcakes are the perfect fall food craft to make with your kids. Take a chocolate frosted cupcake and press on two undone Oreo cookies, cream side up. Place M&Ms on the Oreos for pupils and turn an M&M sideways and press it between the two cookies for a beak.


Here is another great way of getting the kids to eat their fruit!

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Take a look at all the ideas here

Remember your time with the kids is so important to them.   These food craft ideas are so simple and yet the kids will just adore the fun factor.  One of the things I discovered about the ideas above is that they are all great if you are on a budget.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, and being as though meals are a huge part of the kids life then combining eating with fun is just a win win situation.

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