Crayons have been a family word for many years. It actually dates back to 1644 and comes from the word chalk. They are actually made of colored paraffin wax.

They are always a child pleaser and if the truth be known we adults have not lost our love for them either. There are many childhood memories attached to this coloring agent and sure to be many more created by kids around the world in the future.

Let’s take a look at all the neat diy with crayons that we have chosen for you ….

crayon artimage source:sheknows

Crayons are really cheap to buy so you won’t mind using them for this project. It basically comes down to holding the crayon over a paper then using your hair dryer to heat the crayon so it splatters onto the paper from the force of the air.

You will need to peel off the paper from the crayon. The different heat settings on your hair dryer will give you different effects.

Don’t let the little ones attempt this as the melted crayon can splatter on the hands and its hot. So even when you are doing it, do so with extreme caution.


Melted Art

crayon drip art

image source:hative

If you look closely at the picture above you can see that it is a combination of art. You can take an image such as the guy and girl here and glue it onto a piece of canvas, then proceed with the melted crayon technique.

You will first want to position your crayons along the top according to the colors you want. Then once you are happy with your selection you attach them to the canvas with a hot glue gun (remove all the paper from the crayon first. Then once they are set into position you can use your hair dryer to melt the crayons. This one of the most favorite diy with crayons projects that so many people love to do because you can create amazing one of a kind pieces of art work with it.

Instructables gives some excellent steps to follow:


Crayon Candles:

crayon candlesimage

It is true that you can buy almost any type of candle you want, but truly it is much more fun when you make them yourself, which is easy to do if you have some crayons laying around.

These are done using the microwave and for the full easy instructions visit here.

Monograms with crayons:

crayon lettersimage source:chicheapnursery

There are so many ways you can create monograms but this has to be the most colorful one.


crayon ornaments

image source: onecupatatime

For this one you will probably want to wait until around Christmas time. This way you will have access to being able to buy the glass bulbs from crafts stores like Michaels for example.

All you need to do is shave the crayons according to your favorite color choices and add the shavings to the inside of the ball. Gently shake the shavings around as you hold the ball near your hair dryer.


kids art

image source:alphamom

Kids love to preserve their art work and there is no better way to do this then to transfer their art to a tee shirt that they can wear and show off their artistic talents.

For this project the kids color their design on the sandpaper then it it ironed onto a tee-shirt just like a transfer. Click on the image source for the full instructions on how to.

stained glass crayonsimage source:havingfunathome

You will find the full instructions for this stained glass melted crayon art by clicking on the image link. Havingfunathome has done a great job at giving a step by step example for completing this project. If you aren’t into the abstract art that much then you could use this method to fill in any art with the melted crayons. Just take the basic ideas then let your imagination run wild with you. As you can see in this following image…having fun at home used the same technique for making stained glass leaves, you could do this but instead make flowers.

stained glass leaves

image source;havingfunathome



melted crayon lumanaries

image source:auntpeaches



  • White or light colored paper bags, preferably small in size (mine come from the coffee section at the grocery store, but they are also in craft stores everywhere)

  • Wax crayons, the older the better

  • Disposable knife with saw teeth (adults), or a pencil sharpener you don’t mind ruining (kids)

  • Wax paper or wax paper bags

  • Iron

  • Candles inside plastic cups, glass jars or votives…. for full instructions and some great info visit aunt peaches


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