How many times do we look at old logs and tree stumps with a little sadness that was once a beautiful piece of nature is now no more. Yet, we as do it yourselfers just might be able to put some new life back into this old piece of wood. Then once again with these DIY old log ideas we are able to extend nature’s gifts to us in another way.

teal candle fireplace

image source:lifehack

This really is impressive if you have an unusable fireplace that you want to add some charm to. You can glue three logs together and then drill out holes big enough to hold a tealight. As with any candle you are not going to want to leave this unattended. If you want to be really cautious yet still get the same enjoyment then you could replace the original tea candles with the artificial ones.

Swedish Fire Torch


swedish fire torchimage source:curbly

If you are off camping and forgot the barbecue or are simply roughing it then you won’t go hungry if you have some food and learn how to make this swedish fire torch

Plan ahead:

When you know that you have to have an old tree cut down and there is no other choice give it some careful thought as to what you could do with the tree stump, especially if you don’t want to have to go to the work of removing it. A good example of some pre planning is evident in the following image. By leaving enough of the stump behind you could turn it into a work of art for your flower arrangements.


flower stump

image source:lushome



log chairs

image source:dishfunctiondesigns

If you really want to keep your garden furniture rustic then what better way to do it than with this old broken chair and a tree stump. These would be perfect to scatter a few through the garden so you could sit down and enjoy what you and nature have put together to make your outdoor living space a one of a kind experience.


train logimage source:pinterest

It doesn’t get any cuter than this choo choo


log tablesimage source:architectureartdesigns


 log hanger

image source:architectureartdesigns


These two are just an example of what you can do with the left overs from a tree cutting. They don’t always have to be burnt and disposed of forever.


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