This is a wonderfully rewarding project that the whole family can get involved with.  Animal shelters are constantly looking for donations in the form of raised dog beds.  This DIY dog beds the perfect solution for the shelters as they offer a safe and hygienic off the floor bed that the dogs love.  The staff love them too as they are easy to keep clean.

Naturally they are te perfect solution for your own pets too.  As ever, all you need do is look at the project, and vary the materials as you think fit.

raised dog bed

Building Instructions for Elevated Dog Bed You will make a better bed if you have 2 people working together, one to fold and hold, one to drill. We had folks attempting to fold and screw by themselves and the results are not as tight and neat as if you have 2 people. It is critical to get the corners neat and tight or the dogs will chew on anything they can grip. In the shelters, the pvc and cloth are the most chewable thing, and they will try to chew it.  Continue reading…

raised dog bed

Image Source

The above image is similar to the finished product. Here are the full printable instructions:  Click Here


A good idea will be to watch the video and then work along with the printable instructions that are linked above.

As you can see this really is a super project for the family.  If you are going to raise cash for the dog shelter then you can always consider making some of these raised dog beds and selling them.  The rescue center will be equally as happy if you gave them the bed too!

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