Summer is here and your kids are going to need some extra forms of activities over the next few months. You are probably mindful of the extra expense that can build up when trying to keep the kids entertained and occupied.  The following is a way of how to entertain your kids this summer that doesn’t cost extra as you will probably already have the ‘ingredients’ in your home.


This video shows you five different food experiments that are really cool and interesting, especially to kids. They’ll get so excited as they wait and see what happens with each one and try to figure out how each one works. It’ll leave them begging for more experiments to do.via Entertain Your Kids This Summer With These Fun Food Experiments!

Did you know that everyday food could be so interesting and entertaining?  It would be great to see some more fun experiments that you have come across to share with us all. We have featured other useful information and tips on this site, just search in the DIY kids category. There you will find some great fun filled crafts that the kids will love too.  All the time you will be building and encouraging skills.  We hope that your summer is filled with the joy that only having kids around can bring.  Please comment below or on the Facebook page to let us know your plans on  how to entertain your kids this summer.  Its great to share!

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