Our pets are important to us no matter whether they are a dog, cat, bird, hamster or anything else you can think of. Feeding them is a daily responsibility but it is so much more fun when they can be served their pet cuisine in some of these really nifty diy pet feeders. In fact, some of them are built so it is much easier for the family pet to retrieve and enjoy their meals. So here goes…


pet log feederimage source:pinterest

If you have a rustic home then this dog feeder is going to fit right in. Looking at the pic its pretty self explanatory on how to make it. Incidentally if you are into the old log and tree stump diy mode be sure to check out our other ideas of what you can do with these.


pet feeder chestimage source:dreamalittlebigger

This one is absolutely gorgeous although styled for the bigger dog in mind. It really works well for keeping the bowls off the floor and cuts down on some of the mess that some of our pooches creating when dining.


You’ll need: a two cubby wood shelf (I purchased mine for $24 with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s), metal dog bowls with a lip, 4 wooden candle holder cups (in the wood craft section of hobby stores), jigsaw, drill, 4 wood screws, screw driver, paint or wood stain, paint brush.

check out dream a little bigger for the full and complete instruction.



dresser pet stationImage source:the thrifty couple

What a great idea to make use of an old dresser while at the same time taking care of your pet’s needs

If you don’t have an old dresser kicking around you can easily pick one up at a thrift store or yard sale. While this one is perfect you could customize it any way you want. The top part here is great for storing the kibble, and in the other drawers you could store all the other pet items like the grooming and and the toys.


chair pet feeders

image source: practicallyfunctional

What a wonderful idea for repurposing old chairs. For the big dogs this is just the right height and if its not then you could always cut them down a bit.


How About the Cats:

For families that have both cats and dogs it can be quite difficult to keep the dogs away from the kitty food, but this innovative cat feeding station may be the ideal solution.

cat feeding station

image source: super cool pets


Some cats are very picky about eating at floor level. So if this describes your cat then no problem as you can provide a off the ground feeding area with a shelf suspended on the wall.


suspended cat feeder

image source; the verticlecat


How about a two in one solution for your feline friend. You can have the cat bed and feeder all built into one neat unit. What more could your cat possibly want!

catbedandfeederimage source:sweetandcrafty


Now we wanted to talk about birds too, but the outdoors one so we will save that for another post.

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