There are so many  throw away things out there that can be turned into some amazing do it yourself items that it is mind boggling. Can you imagine making a swimming pool out of cardboard!! Well it can be done and if you are ready to take on a huge cardboard project then this video is going to step you through it.


Lets move onto some more less elaborate projects that are quick and easy to do out of cardboard.

cardboard monogramsimage source: catchmyparty

Monograms are the big thing right now. You can make over sized letter cut out of cardboard then wrap them with yarn and embellish them. How cool is that!



image source:curbly

You can make a cardboard loom that will in turn let you make this amazing Bohemian rug. Find out how here.


What’s better than a cardboard playhouse. Keep stock piling all the cardboard you can find, and you will never have to worry about what to do with the kids again on a rainy day.

cardboard house

image source:project little smith

Half the fun comes with building this cardboard house and the other half comes with decorating it.Project Little Smith gives some excellent directions for building this, but the decorating will be up to you.


Don’t forget about the cardboard tubes. There are always tons of these being thrown into the garbage but maybe not any more…

tube house

image source:declutterorganizerpurpose


Getting onto the big people stuff there are lots of things that can be done with cardboard to.. How about this window valance, there are plenty of ideas that you can come up with customize it.

cardboard valanceimage source:inmyownstyle


Want a fireplace but just can’t afford one or can’t have where you live? Then this is the next best thing

fireplaceimage source:indulgy

Click on the image link for some great step by step how to pictures.

So now you have got a few starter ideas of just how wonderful cardboard can be. Perhaps you will come up with some creative ideas of your own, and if you do be sure to share them with us.

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