Sure we can all go out and buy tons of jewelry, and we can even buy it really cheap at the dollar store, but what fun is that when everyone else is doing the same thing! Now going to the dollar store and rumaging around your home for items to turn into some amazing jewelry is a whole new adventure, and we are going to show you just how spectacular your DIY jewelry can really be.


Lets begin with Toothbrush bracelets and this video is going to tell you exactly how it is done.



Elastic Band Bracelets without a loom ( this is fantastic)

elasticband bracelets


How about a pendant made with a dandelion. This one is going to take a few more supplies and you need to work in a well ventilated area, but you are going to be amazed and thrilled with the finished piece.

dandelion jewelryimage source:furnityurmolds

Click on the image link for the complete how to create these lovely pieces


Try making a bracelet with a fork

fork jewelry


Love playing with bubble wrap? Then put that play into something worth while like some nifty jewelry

bubble wrap necklace

image source:craftster

Click on the image link to find all the easy instructions for making this beautiful bubble wrap necklace


If you are looking for pure elegance and have a passion for jewelry designs from other parts of the world then you will want to try this diy Viking Knit piece.

viking knit jewelryimage source:the crafty geek

What a beauty this is using a Scandinavian technique that may take a little time but will be well worth the effort. You will need to pick up some jewelry pieces for this but you can find them easily enough at any craft store.

Lovely handmade chains have been found in Viking treasure troves in Scandinavia. Made from melted down coins turned into fine wire, these chains were made using a loop in loop technique. Talk about wearing your wealth!

These same techniques can be used today, though we don’t tend to use coin silver anymore. Copper is a great material to learn with. I usually use sterling silver, in 26 gauge or smaller.

Visit here for the step by step instructions with easy to follow pictures


Don’t pass up those marbles the next time you visit the dollar store…instead buy a few bags and turn them into some fun jewelry

cracked marbleimage source:craftsunleashed

If you visit crafts unleashed you will get the step by step instructions for making these amazing cracked marble necklaces, but don’t stop there think about turning them into rings and put your imagination to work for other ways to use them.


So there you have a few but great diy jewelry ideas made from materials that you never gave much thought to.

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