We all have a ton of tee-shirts amongst our attire. Some we have grown tired of, and others we have grown out of. Rather than just discard them here are some fun and unique ideas for re-purposing them.

How about turning them into yarn so you can create something new and exciting from them?

teeshirt yarn

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You take a plain old t-shirt, make a few folds and a few cuts, stretch it out, and suddenly you have 30+ yards of yarn that you can use for all sorts of stuff — like jewelry, rugs, flowers, and lots more! I’m going to be sharing a tutorial for some super cute coasters this week over at Mom it Forward, and I have a bunch of other projects planned, so stay tuned!

So even though there are a bajillion t-shirt yarn tutorials out there, I’m going to share my own today so that you can refer back to it as needed.

Check this out for the step by step instructions for making tee shirt yarn.


If you are sick of the style of some of your tee-shirts then no problem as you can convert them into some new and exciting.

lace side teeshirtimage source:trashtocoutoure

What a beautiful transformation of a otherwise plain tee-shirt. All it takes is some lace and a little bit of cutting and sewing and there you have it. Its light and breezy and different. Click on the image link to get the full instructions.


Can you believe this stunning halter top is made from a tee-shirt. You are surely going to want to make several of these so pull out those old tee-shirts

teeshirt halterimage source:yesmissy


Have you discovered how hard it is to find a light weight cardigan for the summer nights. Well instead of fussing over this why not turn one of your tee-shirts into a really cute light weight and a little fancy cardigan.

cardiganimage source:craftstylish

Once you get onto doing some simple crochet you may go on a frenzy with it and start jazzing up some of your other tee-shirts. If you want to copy this one in the image just click on the image link for some great instructions.

How about a tee-shirt rug!

If you are looking for a project that you can keep coming back to, because this one does take a whole lot of time, but let me tell you in the end it will be worth it.

teeshirt rugimage source:xoelle


Once you’ve gathered all of your shirts, use a rotary cutting tool and mat (you can certainly use scissors but the results are less precise) to cut the shirts into 1 inch strips. It was easiest for me to fold the shirt in half, shoulder to shoulder and cut strips from the trunk of the shirt, up to the collar. It is important to make sure that the shirt is smooth and flat when cutting, or you’ll end up with uneven or jagged strips. All of these strips should then be cut into 4 inch segments. This cutting phase easily took me 20 hours (I was cutting up 51 shirts!).

Visit xoelle for the amazing and very detailed instructions

How about some adornments:

Maybe you have a few plain teeshirts that you love the style of but just want to spruce it up. Or maybe there is something else in your home you would like to embellish, like some pillows for example.

teeshirt pom poms

image source:craftaholicsanonymous

How about turning those kid favorite tee-shirts into a quilt. This way they never have to part with them but you won’t be embarrassed about them wearing worn out tees either.

tee shirt blanket

image source:starsforstreetlights


So there you have some good ideas to get you started with putting all those old tee shirts to good use. Have fun!


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