Have you ever been camping and run out of space in the cooler, or can’t get access to some ice? Or have you had a party and not enough room in the fridge to keep the pop cold? Well you may not have that problem any longer once you learn how to build a Zeer Pot!



You want to be realistic about your zeer pot as they don’t work all that well in high humidity areas and you don’t want it sitting in the sun. Basically a zeer pot acts as a evaporatave cooler. It is is used in countries where they do not have access to electricity, and it has been a great alternative.

If you are looking to make one that is a little fancier than the one in the video here is another option:

fancy zeer pot

image source: instructables


A zeer pot is an evaporative cooler used in rural Africa and the Middle East to keep vegetables fresh. They consist of two terra cotta pots, one nested inside the other, with the gap between them filled with wet sand. The sand serves as a thermal mass that helps keep the pot cold once it has cooled down, and acts as a wick to spread the moisture up the walls of the pot. When placed in a shaded, breezy location, the evaporation of water off the outer surface chills the pot. If you have a good breeze, or a fan powered by a solar panel blowing the pot, the pot can get quite cold. Imagine that chill you get when you step out of a pool when the wind is blowing. Now imagine that wet wind chill going on all day. That’s what the pot feels with a constant breeze.

Unless the air is very dry and the pot is exposed to a constant breeze, they generally do not become as cold as a refrigerator, but they will keep vegetables fresh for a couple of weeks. If you do have cool dry air and a constant stiff breeze, the interior of a zeer pot can chill down to around 40˚F.

for the full instructions continue reading here

Remember to keep your expectations logical. It is a possible alternative for keeping your cool drinks a little cooler, and maybe preserving your veggies a little longer at that all day picnic. For best conditions for its workings you want low humidity, keeping it in the shade, and a great breeze will give u some good results

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