Buying a guitar is not cheap, and believe it or not you can actually make your own BUT it is not cheap either. Can you imagine what kind of gift this would make for a musically inclined loved one on your gift giving list.

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There are a lot of pros and cons to building your own guitar, but if you really are a passionate do it yourselfer then it just might be one of those extended products that you want to take on. Remember, though if your thought is to save money this is not what this product is intended for. What you are going to achieve from this diy project is an enormous amount of satisfaction and pride, and a guitar that is unique to you. Like we said , if there is someone special on you gift giving list then this just might be the ultimate home made gift.

We want to see what the musician’s friend thought about the idea….


If you’ve been playing guitar for a while you may have considered building your own instrument. It can be a great project and learning experience that will result in your adding an utterly unique guitar to your collection.

Is a DIY guitar the right project for you? Here are a few pros and cons to consider before embarking on that voyage.

Before we get into the details, it should probably be noted that building a solidbody electric guitar is a much less challenging project than building a semi- or fully hollowbody guitar. Building the latter types from scratch involves sophisticated woodworking skills and tools that will be beyond the reach of all but the most ambitious beginners. And as we note below, designs with bolt-on necks versus set necks are more beginner-friendly.

read the whole article at musician’s friend to get a good insight into this project and also where to get the supplies that you need.


How About the Little Drummer Guys?

Building your own drum set might be a whole lot more challenging. If you happen to have a little one that you think might be an aspiring drummer, and goes about beating on everything in the house. Then here is a make shift diy drummer’s set you might want to whip up for him or her….





Just in case you think it takes a top notch super expensive set of instruments to make music…then check this video out…



If you are looking for something a little more compact and perhaps a little nicer to look at then consider a African Dejembe Drum


image source:artsmart4kids

Two plastic, Styrofoam, or paper cups








Punching balloon

Rubber band

Yarn (optional)

For full instructions check out artsmarts4kids

Whether you are taking on one of this diy music projects on a more serious note, or making something fun for the kids, it all comes down to a whole lot of fun, while realizing how important music is and how pleasant it is to listen to.





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