We talk a lot about dogs here but just to let you know cats and kittens are just as important and bring every bit as much joy to their owners and families just as the dogs do. So to be sure they are not left out we are going to give you some diy cat projects that are sure to get your cat purring and sharing the love.

Cats can be so playful and they love to get into things they can hide in, but they also love a quiet cozy place to rest. So how about this cat tent.

cat tentimage source:instructables

This is really easy to do as its made from an old tee-shirt and a couple of hangers. Click on the image link to get the instructions.

Many of us don’t let our cats outdoors to roam yet we feel sorry for them because they are getting to experience what nature has to offer to them. Here is a neat project that will help a little…


If you are short on space and want to encourage your kitty to stay off your new furniture then this might work…

cat hammockimage source:desiretoinspire


Now we all know that cats love to be scratched but we just don’t always have the time to do this for them. So this next project is really going to be a time saver for you and a cat pleaser for your feline friend.


cat scratcherimage source:lovepetsdiy

be sure to visit love pets diy for the image instructions on how to make this fantastic petting station


Now every cat has to have their own tree to climb, and keeping with the indoor nature theme for your feline friend you may like the ideas in this video


Here is a really interesting bed that will really fit in with your decor and believe it or not its made with cardboard

cardboard bedimage source: hauspanther

Moving on from comfort lets look at some unique feeding stations for the cats

If our cats could talk which i swear some almost do, they would likely tell you that they would prefer to have their food bowl up off the ground. In this case here is the solution…

cat feedersimage source:moderncat

If you visit modern cat you will be really pleased with the simple instructions for how these are made.

Keeping your cat out of trouble is not going to be a problem when you build them their very own cat playground,like this one…


On a final note if you aren’t sure just how to tell your cat that you love them…then you won’t want to miss this…

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