We love to enjoy our gardens and backyard space throughout the day, and make every effort into making it look spectacular. All that hard work goes to waste at night though as it can’t be seen. Well with these glow in the dark garden delights techniques you are going to be able to make your outdoor space glow at night and it will be another level of enjoyment.

You may have some steps in your backyard that can be dangerous at night, but you don’t want to have to resort to leaving outdoor lights on all the time. If so then here is a great idea to turn them into a glow in the dark feature

glow in the dark stepsimage source;pinterest

A common problem that a lot of people have with their walkways is grass growing up between the pavers. Here is a great solution to handle that problem and also provide you with some night time lighting. All you have to do is spray paint some pebbles in glow in the dark paint, then lay them between the pavers. Not only have you solved a big problem it looks fantastic.

glow pebblesimagesource:pinterest


When it comes to planters, having them glow at night is terrific, and here is just one example of how spectacular they can look.

pot glowsimage source:stagetecture

You can get this effect by using any of the glow in the dark paints. Check out our post on specialty paints for this and other types of paints that are fantastic.

If you are looking for something a little more subtle then consider doing some stenciling on your flower pots then painting them with glow in the dark paint. By the way using a huge flower pot at the front door then painting your house number on it, with glow in the dark is another super idea.

stencil potsimage source:loveyourroom

If you have a stone driveway, or a stone garden path then really make it shine by spraying the stone with glow in the dark paint

glow driveway

image source:welldonestuff


glow butterfliesimage source:craftymoods

Imagine looking out your window at night and seeing butterflies dancing around your garden. Or if butterflies are not your favorite then any other small critter you like. It is just a matter of making some garden pics and then painting them with glow in the dark paint. You can surely find something that will work perfectly at your local dollar store which you can then modify.

So now it is time for you to start thinking creatively. There are tons of opportunities for you to be able to light up your exterior with glow in the dark paints. Think about putting some glow rocks around the base of your trees. Or filling jars with them and using them in place of solar lights. Let your imagination run wild and please be sure to share with us what you have come up with.

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